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Published: 02 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On April 4,2004 due to hit and run total loss car accident, by what was presumed to be a drunk driver, I attempted to render services from Budget Car and Truck rental.I was the victim of an accident in which I was struck approximately 80-90 mph from behind by what police believe was a drunk driver, who was driving with his lights off. It was going to take some time to settle with my insurance, damages needed to be evaluated, and suspects had yet to be apprehended for legal and insurance purposes.I was moving the night of the accident and was told that the loss of my possessions was what was responsible for me being alive because they cushioned the impact. I needed a replacement vehicle to maintane my responsibilities considering the given circumstances. I proceeded to give my business to a Budget location that is independently owned by Mr. Bob Woo, during this difficult time of recovery. Even upon my initial original contract, there were policy and procedure errors I later found while reviewing my agreement, such as signing a contract belonging to the Budget located in Diamond Bar California, not El Monte. At the time it did not seem like a big deal, especially since I was injured and mentally anguished. This was just the beginning of a series of mishaps,and eventually illegal activity. I rented vehicles from this location from April 4, 2004 until July 30,2004. Throughout this time period I encounted problems relating to the conditions of the vehicles rented to me, billing errors, frauding of my personal and contract information, and poor service. The occurences went as follows: The condition of the vehicles: The cars I was given as rental vehicles were all in poor condition. The first rental I was given had NO HORN. While driving the rental to take care of business pertaining to my car accident, I needed to use my horn to warn off another vehicle. I attempted numerous times to honk at the other driver when no noise came about. To my alarming surprise there was no horn and the space where it should have been seemed hollow and damaged. I was quite disturbed, and contacted budget. Due to the fact I was already overwhelmed with issues pertaining to the car accident, I didn’t want to make a huge issue of this, even though I was seriously alarmed and could have been in another car accident as a result. This brought about my first exchange for a second vehicle. Only this vehicle had a horn, but bald tires. I realized this when coming upon even the slightest turns I was encountering screeching of the tires.I contacted budget once again for vehicle number three on a second exchange. This car I did not have any major problems with. However, after returning vehicle three for maintanence, and speaking briefly to the owner I was to be given an upgraded vehicle for a lower weekly rate for my inconvenience. The two vehicles I had at that point had their check engine lights go on shortly. Poor Service: My billing issues and errors are a result of poor service and negligence. Initially I believe I was treated nicely, however due to employee negligence I later encounterd a series of mistreatment. I only signed one rental agreement that was opened on April 4, 2004 and CLOSED May 5, 2004 the closing and opening was specifically made to be an issue because of the length of time a contract was suppose to be in affect. However I was never asked to sign a new contract, due to their negligence. I have approximately three alternate contracts that all have different conflicting information on them. There is no carbon copies, and no signature from myself, nor the swiping of my credit card. The car that is listed as the final returned vehicle is not the vehicle I returned. I have two statements that say two different cars on the same out date. I took pictures of the car before returning it and had many witnesses. When I attempted to give my updated and new insurance policy to them it was not made to be of importance, later when conflicts arouse they wrote fake insurance dates, because the policy I gave had expired. Note, I have my original policy I provided, and my current in affect policy, that has the real dates listed. Parking tickets were forwarded to me for cars that they said I didn’t have, according to their contracts! Because of the negligence of the employee’s my contracts were not written up right, I was not asked to sign, as a result they attempted to fraud my information and hold me liable to inaccurate contract agreements that were changed upon their convenience. The financial complications are ridiculous. The largest insult I recieved was directly from the owner Mr. Bob Woo. I attempted to get a hold of him numerous times, to notify him about the product and service problems I had encountered , but I was told he was a very busy man. Finally, on the week I anticipated on returning the vehicle, I managed to get a hold of him. I attempted to give him a brief explanation of my circumstances as well as make an appointment to sit down with him and go over all my contracts, and service issues. I was apalled when I was cut of with his briefness, and more disgustingly asked the question ” I know you want something form me, so why don’t you just tell me what it is?”. I was insulted, but even more so when he proceeded to tell me “So I’m guessing your not going to be able to pay your bill when you return your vehicle on Friday!”. I responded to him by asking if that was considering the $1,700 (approximately) I had already given him. He told me sarcastically he saw no where in front of him where I gave him that money, but he did see a returned check from me. I told him that was only because I paid him cash instead of with a check! Due to my feelings of discrimination based on his ignorant assumptions I ended the conversation with him by requesting he look up ALL my contracts prior to meeting with him on Friday. Before Friday arrove I attempted to make a deposit only to be given a receipt saying I was negative over $1,000 in my checking account. The harsh accusations of Mr. Woo, turned into numerous attempts by Budget to drain my checking account. My financial institution Washington Mutual allowed them an additional $600.00, and notified me they were swiping my card every hour but being declined. Later Washington Mutual ruled this a merchant client issue, closed my account, and placed me in check systems, even though there was no open contract signed by me, and no sales slip signed by me using that check card. I had a friend immediately return the car due to the fact I was committed to other engagements. When she requested reciepts and copies of all the contracts, she was told to tell me if I didn’t pay another $300.00 I would be sued. This is the treatment I recieved for giving them my business during one of the worst times of my life. Billing errors and specifics: The first billing error is with gasoline. I was billed upon the first exchange for the car with no horn over $3.00 a gallon for not returning the car with a full tank. This is regardless of the fact I was pressed for time, had to go out of my way to exchange to vehicle because it had no horn, and had to get there before they closed. When I questioned it, the receptionist told me there was nothing she could do about the gas but she would give me a lower weekly rate. My orignal weekly rate on the first contract, was $159.99 and suppose to be changed to $149.99. Later when I was given a vehicle up grade for the accumlation of problems, I was suppose to have my rate reduced to $139.99 a week with a better car. But I continued being billed at 149.99 a week. In attempt to close out my balance, my whole contract changed from the dates between May 28, 2004 until July 30, 2004 to $169.99 a week, which was more than my original contract!!! I was billed for my complimentary vehicle upgrade that was suppose to be for my inconveniences. Note, I have copies of the original agreement that states $149.99 and then a mysterious new contract that states a $169.99 a week rate, fake insurance dates, no signature, wrong car , wrong plates, tickets with the vehicle, and an outrageous bill resulting in my account being drained. It will now be almost a year since my car accident. Throughout that year while recovering, I have had to face this outrageously unethical, and unjust ordeal. As a result, I paid over $2,000 in car rental bills, have had an additional $600.00 taken from my checking account without consent causing me numerous fee’s from my financial institution, had my bank account closed, I was placed into check systems and reported to the credit bureau’s, I fell behind on my bill’s,accumulated numerous late bill fee’s, I lost my apartment, and have been overwhelmed by emotional distress all while recovering phyically. I have sought out assistance and support my financial institution Washington Mutual in relation to the fraud, but have had no success. And up until now, did not feel mentally or physically strong enough to address this issue in its entirety, as well as with the legal assistance. I am hoping to help prevent anyone else from having to go through something like this, which seems like it could not possibly be true. I swear the information to the best of my knowledge to be accurate and in good faith. I had no foul intentions, and fully attempted and intented to pay Mr. Woo and Budget for the services rendered to me, which can be substantiated with the receipts I obtained throughout my rental. I am in need of legal representation, that can take into account the extremity of my circumstances, and my mental and physical state of being. I do deal with a medical condition pertaining to general anxiety disorder. In search of Justice, thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated. Kimberlee Alhambra, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Budget Car & Truck Rental

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