Budget Rent A Car, Subrogation Management Team

Budget Rent A Car, Subrogation Management Team

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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I rented a compact car at BRC in Eugene the first week of this year. The rental agent told me about the extra charges to buy their insurance. I told him that I have full coverage on my auto insurance. He just said OK, initial here and sign here. I was shown and given only one page of the rental agreement and was issued a Ford Focus. One the forth evening I had an accident. A deer ran in front of the car and there was nothing I could do. My mother was with me and we were in shock. I called the BRC office in Eugene for help, but no one answered the phone. I found another number on the key ring for an office in Medford. The person that answered said I had the call the Eugene BRC. I called several times and still no one answered the phone. I left a voice mail and no one returned my call. So much time was lost trying to reach someone at BRC. Thankfully, we were not hurt. I finally had to call AAA for help. The car was towed back to Eugene at my expense. The tow truck driver was finally able to reach someone at BRC by phone hours later and BRC did give me another car so we could get back to the airport the next day. On the fifth day, I returned to the BRC location in Eugene and filled out the form titled Subrogation Management Team at the top. I was being honest and didn’t know what was in store for me. A week later I started getting calls from a woman at SMT. I returned her call, still not understanding what was about to happen. Soon after I received a bill in the mail for damages and other fees including loss of use, diminution of value and an administrative fee. I also get a copy of the rental agreement. Now I see there are 2 pages, not only one. On the first bill these fees totaled $2561.31. My insurance company paid for the damages and I paid my deductable but not the other fees. SMT sent me another invoice for more repairs to the car and a story about the tires being stolen. Now I am being charged for more loss of use. Now the unpaid fees total $3307.80. Then I get a third invoice for more repairs and fees and now the total is $3450.83. Who knows what else they will find to charge me and my insurance company for. I have tried to fight back in writing to this person at SMT that keeps calling me and sending me letters demanding payment. I tried to explain to SMT and BRC why the hidden fees are invalid. First, I was not given all of the rental agreeement, only one page of it at the time I signed it. I was never given a chance to read the entire agreement. Second, the rental agent failed to disclose these fees in the event that the car would be damaged. According to a court order docket no. C-3674 ftc.gov/os/1996/06/budgetd.pdf, they are required to diclose these hidden fees. Third, I immediately tried to report the accident to BRC, put no one answered the phone. I asked them to waive the fees. Their repsonse was, that the rental agents are not train to use scare tactics on their customers. Yet after the fact, this is what they hire SMT to do. Scare their customers into paying exorbitant fees. This is just an untruth fabicated by BRC to cover up their incompetence. I was also told that the court docket doesn’t apply. I asked them to explain the hidden fees. Why are they charging dimished value on a Ford Focas??? I didn’t rent a high class vehicle. I have been lied to numerous times by SMT. One lie the woman at SMT told me was BRC tried to return my call but I was in a remote area. If I couldn’t receive calls, why was I able to make so many? Why didn’t they leave me a voice mail? The letters I receive from SMT are full of spelling errors, and the invoices have errors too, which I have asked to be corrected. Everytime I receive an invoice, the bill goes up again and again. They are making up more fees and telling me more lies. The person I am dealing with at SMT is very unprofessional. I am being ripped off, harrassed and threatened with more fees if I do not pay. They have also threatened to hurt my credit rating. I believe these fees are invalid because they were not disclosed to me when I signed the the rental agreement. I could not read the part about the extra fees because I was not given that part of the agreement to read. I feel BRC intentionally with held the entire agreement from me. The employees at BRC did not do their jobs. SMT is hired to scare people into paying extra fees. Its all about the money. I only deal with SMT in writing now and I have saved all my documents, including my phone records. This has been going on for 4 months now and I know this is just the beginning. I just want my life back and to be free of these people that are trying to rip me off. I honestly didn’t know about this before I did business with them. I will never do business with Budget Rent a Car again. Charging fraudulent fees and treating their customers this way is inproper business practice. Glynny Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Budget Car & Truck Rental

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