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Published: 19 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We have been living in this Budget Suites location for like 2 years and enough is enough. We have had nothing but severely crappy mainatanance the whole time, been lied to consistently and been hung up on. I had a huge piece of the tiling fall off of the wall in the shower and land on my foot and bruise it bad. This was a pice that was supposedly fixed months ago but becuase maintanance was lazy they did not make sure it was attached well and after telling the office numerous times, we finally just taped it to the wall with duct tape which looks crappy but they won’t fix it. Second, we have holes in our walls and doors that were there when we moved in. They were fixed with crappy non-sticking wood tape. My boys room has a major problem on the floor where the floor and carpet are severely rotting from water leaking down the wall from the roof. The carpet is getting moldy and we were told over a month ago from maintance own mouth that this was hazardous for my boys to be living in but they will not fix it no matter what. It smeels and it rotted their dresser away so that it is fixing to completely fall apart. Everythig has been reported numerous times to maintance and the office and they ignore it every time. We have a leak in our bedroom door also that every time it rains out floor gets drenched and we have to put out a pan. The tiolet leaks and needs fixed, it comes off the floor when you sit on it. They will not fix ANYTHING. they provide false advetising in that they say in all their ads that they have a nice pool open summer around. Our pool is hardly ever open and it is just because they do not want to come down and unlock it. If you call to tell them, they rudely hang up on you, cannot count how many times that has happened to us. We pay 316 a week so I would think that spending that much should at least guarentedd our maintance be taken care of, and we at least get to live in a healthy mold free apartment. Enough is enough, now I have a hurt foot from the wall falling apart and it fell on a foot that was already broken previously and we tell the office even tonight and they are rude and don’t care. I want this fixed. We have spent over 8 years giving Budget Suites our business at different locations in the DFW area and have never had this kind of problem at any of them. As I said we have been at this locaton for like 2 years. Please know everything i mentioned has been reported to the office many many times. They either lie or ignore us completely. If you can help , please do. .

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