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Published: 12 October 2018

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On July 28, 4014 I bought a new 2014 Nissan Sentra, took back the car on July 28th to do the delivery checklist. They were driving my car and a car ran them off the road. My tire was folded under my car (over $2000.00 in parts alone, thier cost). I went back to the dealer to ask for another car and Jason Sales General Manager, told me that if I didn’t take this car that he would sue me for every dime and he was going to call the police on me. They never reported the accident to the DMV PER THE STATE LAW or to carfax. Now, Joshua the new general Manager says that they are not obligated to do that. OH, they are above the law right?? I was forced to sign a release letter to get the car and again threatened with my life if I said anything…per Jason, Dave Okamoto and Dave Piccarillo (Assist. Sales Manaer). I am turning them over to the DMV, the Attorney Generals Office, Consumer Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and a few more places. Now the new General Manager Joshua Story was trying to make me happy and decided that they could put me in a new car if I gave them an additional $2500.00, and pay almost 100.00 more a month in car payments. They have done enough damages to me for a life time…now it is time to get even. Lets get to the next item that they are cheating people with…The Multi-Shield scam. On my car was the normal sticker and attached to it is a sticker that has added 1995.00 which includes Ding Defender door guards, Interior Protection, and Express code anti-theft system. Now, when I went to sign the paper the finance person put his hand over a section like they were holding down the paper and I did not notice that they added and additional 195.00 per item. I also had to sign a form which I did not want but was told that it was already on my car and I had to sign for it… again another threat. On the day of the accident and Jason was screaming at me I told him that I was taking the lease to an attorney. Surprise, surpise…here comes the finanace manager, I belive his name was Glen Moya with a new lease. He said that the numbers were entered wrong on the first lease and my payments dropped and I noticed that they took off the Multi-shield. They will do anything to cheat you. .

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