Buffalo City Living, LLC

Buffalo City Living, LLC

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Buffalo City Living for property management 5/2014. At first it was fine as they found me good tenants and did some initial repairs on the property that I authorized. After that it went quickly downhill. Through June and July of 2018 they constantly charged my account in error. They charged me twice for the same thing and only credited the account when I put a claim into Visa. They moved furniture from the attic to the basement, broke the furniture then charged me for it! There were always requests from the tenants that repairs be made to the apartment and I started to get suspicious. In August 2018 I purposely did not authorize any repairs from them and yet they showed up, made repairs to a window and a heating vent then charged me for it. The excuse was “well we were at the house so we thought we would just go ahead and fix it”. They also claimed they mowed the lawn and again charged me for it. (I mow the lawn). When I complained (alot!) the response was “well you never told us not to mow the lawn”. These quotes are direct from emails. I also complained about their poor accounting methods, over charging and wrong charges and the response was “we understand that accounting can be difficult to comprehend”. Seriously? I have degrees in science and medicine and yes I can do math. I fired them mid Sept and they refused to give me September’s rent from the tenants. They owe me about $1100. They have several complaints at the Better Business Bureau in Buffalo, NY and it is my bad that I didn’t check this first. I will probably never get the one month’s rent they owe me and I firmly believe the only way this guy makes any money is by padding customer’s accounts. He takes the money out of the rent for “repairs, lawn mowing and sending and email” (Yup..I got charged for them to send me an email) so buyer beware!

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