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Published: 12 March 2020

Posted by: Laverne Jim

As of today, my credit is ruined because Chrysler Financial has reported me to the credit department and my once great credit score that I have worked hard to get is destroyed. My dream of getting a home for my children and I have been annihilated. I have never thought I would be going through a situation like this. On 06/08/2019, I traded my Chrysler 300 S for a GMC truck from Flagstaff Buick GMC. June 08, 2019, I showed up at Flagstaff GMC and Buick. I was shopping for a vehicle because I had just picked up a few patient in a rural area of the Navajo Reservation where a car could not possibly make it on the road. When we (my sister and I) arrived at the Flagstaff Buick GMC dealership, we were greeted by Michael Jaramillo. I told him I was just looking around. As my sister and I were looking around he told me that he had a truck that would “LOOK GOOD” on me. He also stated that this truck was very popular and only had one on the lot. That is when he asked for my personal information. I took the truck for a test drive and by the time I got back, he was already working on the PAPERWORK to get approved. I told him that I was going to look more but he told me that the rebate was good “TODAY” and that I should not pass the offer. So I decided to get the truck. I was promised by Kari and Mike that everything was good and they would take care of me with any issues and not to hesitate and call. The middle of July, I received a phone call from Chrysler Financial stating that I was behind on my payment of the Chrysler that I had traded in for the GMC truck from Flagstaff Buick GMC. I explained to them that I had traded in that car for a truck. I let them know that I will contact the car dealership and find out what was going on. I called Mike J at 928 310-1365 to let him know the Chrysler Financial was calling in regard to the delinquent payment. He had stated that the Flagstaff Buick GMC should have paid it the day the Chrysler was traded in. He also stated that he will let the General Manager know what is going on and that it should be have been paid. I thought he was taking care of it. A few week later Chrysler Financial called again stating that I was behind on my payment again. I called Mike at the same number again and asked what was going on. He told me that he was going to transfer me to finance department. It went to voicemail and left a message. No one called me back. I called Mike again and this time it went to voicemail. I called the dealership and asked for Mike but I was told that he was on vacation. I asked to talk to some one about this situation. The receptionist transferred me to finance and it went to voicemail. After several attempts, I couldn”t get through. All of the voicemail were full and I could not leave a message. Every time I called; it went to voicemail. So, after a few days, I called the service department to transfer me to finance, I got through, but I was told that the person (Kari) who was doing all the paperwork quit and they had hired a new person. The new finance person told me that she will get it paid that day. Unfortunately, Chrysler was on the phone again telling me that I was behind on my payment. I have tried to contact people at the car dealership, Mike and general manager, but I had no luck. No body called be back to follow up with me. When I first got a call from Chrysler, I made contact with Mike Jaramillo who was the sales person that helped me. I told him of the situation, and he told be he would take care of it. He promised to call me back once he found out anything. I never received a call back from him. The second time I contacted him, he told me that the finance department wanted to talk to me. He transferred me and I got the voicemail of the finance department. I left a message and I never heard from them. I tried contacting Mike after that. I always got his voicemail, I left messages and he never called me back. I finally reached him and I finally talked to him. He told me that Kari Ortiz quit and that they had nobody to work on this paperwork so they are trying to catch up. He told me that he will contact me once he finds something out. I never got a call from him. Every time I call his cell number it will go straight to voicemail and if I call the car dealership he was on vacation. I have talked to other people there and every single one of them told me the same thing and that is”I am so sorry, I will get to the bottom of this and I will call you back in 15- 20 mins.” I have never got a phone call back from them at all. August 30, 2019: I made a trip to Flagstaff because I got letter in the mail. The letter was a “Notice of Right to Cure Default and requirement of strict compliance.” I talked to Chuck Bailey to see if he could help me. He made a copy of the letter and then he made a phone call. He was on the phone for awhile and then told me that it will get resolved. I stated that I am very worried about my credit score and need it resolve ASAP. As he was giving me a number and name, I said that I felt sorry for all the people here and what they were going to go through. I want to warn them. His facial expression changed and grabbed the phone number away from me and said “And I thought I was helping, you need to figure this thing out yourself now.” I am also going to call the police and get you arrested for slander and you are going to go to prison. This is my business and you need to get out. Do not come back or call us back. I sat there waiting for the police to show up for about 15 mins. Then he came over with a name and number and he told me to call Andrew on Monday. He explained that Andrew was the person to take care of this issue and that he is the manager at the Mercedes Dealership in Flagstaff Az. September 16, 2019: Called 928 220-7440. Called Andrew to talk about the payoff of the crystler. I was transferred to Rich/Rick. I told him about my situation with Flagstaff Buick and GMC. I also told him the Chuck Bailey had told me to call Andrew at this number, I have been trying to get a hold of Andrew since the number was given to me. Rich sounded like he cared and expressed his apologies. He stated that he will get to the bottom of it and make sure that it gets paid. He also stated that he is going over to the other dealership to make sure this is taken care of. He promised to call me back in 15 mins. But never called me back. I did try to call back by it went to voicemail which was full, and I couldn”t leave a message. September 16, 2019 I called to talk to Rich/Rick. I called 4 times. 3 went to his voicemail. I couldn”t leave a voicemail because it was full. I finally got a hold of him. I asked if anything was done since our last conversation and he stated that a check was made and sent to Crystler. He stated that Chris will know more about it and that Chris will send me a copy of the receipt by email to me. I asked to speak to Chris. Rich/Rick transferred me to Chris”s extension, and it went to voicemail. I left a message for him to call me and I never got a phone call. With this phone call I had to go through the service department to get to talk to Rich/Rick. Other calls went straight to voicemail. September 17, 2019 3:15: Called the Mercedes dealership to talk to Rich/Rick. William answered. I asked to talk to Rich/Rick and he told me that he does not know him and Rick was not employed there. I told him that I had just talked to him last week and I need to talk to him. He stated that he did not know a person by that name there. I ask for Chris and he stated again that he did not know him. Then finally he says, “Oh Chris, yes his here, I will transfer you.” It went to voicemail, I left a message and he has not call me back yet. September 17, 2019 at 3:16 called 928 220-7440 to talk Chris or Richard. Went to voicemail and left a message for Chris to call me back ASAP. Never got a call from him. September 17, 2019 at 4:03 called Flagstaff GMC and buick but went to voicemail September 17, 2019 4:04 pm called and talked to Art. Told him my situation and he told me that he will email the finance department. He also told me that he will transfer me to kari Ortiz to talk to her. I responded that I know that it will go to voicemail and I will never hear from her. He stated that he will do 3 things to make sure she contacts me. The three things his going to do were: send an email, walk over and give her my number and to tell her that I am calling to talk to her. I have not received any calls from her. I did get the email Art cc”d me in. I also asked him who the owner of the company was, he stated that it was Trampus Mansker. I asked to talk with him and Art told me that he does not stay in one place he goes to other company. I asked him for a phone number and I was told that it was not allowed. I googled Mr. Mansker name and found out that he owned Lake Powell Ford also. I called 928 645 5450 on September 17, 2019 at 0430 and transferred to a Cole. I asked to talk to Mr. Mansker and was told that Mr. Mansker is not available. I asked him if he was the owner of the company and Cole responded, “No he is not but in the process, ” I told Cole my situation. Cole then stated that he is a Trampuf and Travis are good friends and that he will bring this situation up to his attention and he will work on it as much as he can. He promised to call me back that afternoon or the next day and I have not heard anything yet. Cole also told me that I should just pay the late payment on the Crystler and Flagstaff GMC and buick will reimburse me when they pay it off. September 18/ 2019 1242 pm: Called Crystler financial to see if I could get a phone log or a copy of the conversation they had with since I traded in the car. They told me they can”t give that information out. Crystler is still calling me as of 10/02/2019 and was told I was 146 days late on my payment. It has been a struggle and I hope that you can help me. I have always paid my bills on time and never thought I would be going through this. I have called to get the Chrysler back so I can pay for it but I was told that it was not on the lot anymore.

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