Build Your Own Pool Of Georgia

Build Your Own Pool Of Georgia

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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wendy has been running a scam in a negligent fashion for years. Please know that when you sign a contract with her you are signing away her responsibility and assuming all responsibility for her actions. You are “Building your own pool” and she is not responsible for her actions you are. | Over the years she has been sued on multiple occasions for disastrous negligent behavior and failure to provide proper guidance. She has won every suit because the judge just needs to explain to the complainant that they signed away all responsibility when they signed her contract. | Wendy on every occasion files counter suits against the complainant to scare them away from the suit and recoup her attorney fees when she wins in court. | Any time a unhappy customer of hers blasts her effectively on Facebook, BBB, Kudzu etc. she is very quick to threaten legal action. She has every right to because she is not responsible for the outcome of the project! You released her from all liability the minute you signed the contract! | She counter sues for defamation of character and potential lost income because of the negative reviews in the public eye. IT WORKS! People face large settlements against them because she has legal documentation in the contract. | Wendy has done everything imaginably wrong because you as the customer needs to be the expert. You are “Building Your Own Pool”. How many times does it take to become a professional pool builder? Do you think you can get it right the first time? | Customers get the worst subs in the industry because all the good ones refuse to deal with her horrible personality and her gruff approach to dealing with people. | She does not build to code, she takes down trees on the wrong property, she walk away from conflict between subs and customers, she installs faulty equipment, the project is not managed properly so crazy things happen. Electrical boxes end up facing the wrong way into the stone, drainage ends up in the pool. I have heard it all, and always the looser is the customer who is afraid to open there mouth about the wrong doing and failure to deliver what she promises. | There are certainly some very happy customers and she will give you their names. If everything goes smoothly they are very happy, and she adds that customer to her list. But when things go horrible and the customer ends up in litigation or filing claims with the BBB she is quick to go on the counter attack snuffing out her unhappy customers complaint. | BE AWARE and do your homework! You are not a builder and you should not just “build your own pool” | If you do want to build your own pool you don’t need Wendy. Just do it.

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