Building and Safety Code Enforcement

Building and Safety Code Enforcement

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Stay away King’s Smog (ARMEN PETOSIAN) located at 1871 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041. I took my 1991 Ford Ranger in April 2017, for a smog test to obtain my registration renewal with DMV. I had replaced all the smog components and had my truck tuned up prior to going to Mr. Armen Petrosian for a smog check. Mr. Petrosian instructed his son an unlicensed smog technician to test my vehicle. Mr. Petrosian and his son failed my trucks smog emission test by intentionally disconnecting the IAC sensor. When Mr. Petrosian disconnected the IAC sensor my truck failed the California State Emission Test. After Mr. Petrosian and his son conspired to fail my trucks smog test, they offered me A FAKE SMOG EMMISSION TEST and Certificate for $150.00. I told Mr. Petrosian and his son, my truck had all new smog components and tune up parts so the truck should have passed smog. Mr. Petrosian and his unlicensed smog technician son insisted I pay the $150.00 and they would give me a FAKE SMOG TEST and CERTIFICATE so I can pass smog. I told Mr. Armen Petrosian and his unlicensed son, I don’t participate in illegal activities. I asked for my $70.00 I had paid him to do my legal smog test. He refused and ripped me off. DON’T GO TO KING’S SMOG THEY INTENTIONALLY BREAK THE LAW BY FAILING YOUR VEHICLE ON PURPOSE AND THEN TRY TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR A ILLEGAL FAKE SMOG CHECK AND CERTIFICATE. I will be informing all government authorites of the illegal smog checks Mr. Armen Petrosian conducts. Mr. Armen Petrosian’s Smog license number is EO149534, station number:TC226119. DON’T LET THESE CROOKS RIP YOU OFF BY TRYING TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR A FAKE SMOG!!! ILLEGAL!!! ILLEGAL!!! CALL THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND TELL THEM WHAT THIS ILLEGAL CORRUPT SHOP DOES. MR. ARMEN PETROSIAN IS A THEIF AND WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY.

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