Bulldog Truck

Bulldog Truck

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I thought i was purchasing a truck in June of 2011. What i purchased was a gun shot wound covered up with a band aid, I recieved a 2005 kenworth T600 from bulldog truck sales in alpharetta georgia. Now it is Jan. 26,2018 11:00 a.m. guess where the truck is yep u guessed it back at the shop again not making money but costing money. In the last 6 months i have put over $8,000.00 dollars in this truck. When in june i was told this truck was in great shape everything was new on the front end i.e axles,king pins, brakes, tie rods, tires, steering gear box etc. Now granted tires was new double coin junk but new. my first week of ownership of this garbage the steering gearbox started to leak it was like pulling teeth with them trying to get them to fix it. I was told by Gary Olie the salesman that some guy eddie made that decision so he gave me his cell number guess whos voice was on voicemail yep garys now maybe just maybe they share a cell or gave me the wrong number not sure but eddie is a real smart a*s says what you want me to do about it fix your truck for you for free. I said yes trucks not even 3 days old to me finally got him to do it only took about a week or so. so here is the begining in the end of august i started having problems steering the truck so i took it in the mechanic called me and says come on down he says someone up stairs must love you i am not quite sure how u made it here the driver side axle was so hollowed out the tire about fell off when he lifted it up the king pins was completely demolished leaf springs was shot bushings was gone shocks was broke tie rods was ready to break oh and the spindle had the words ok on it nothing had been replaced on this truck the transmission electronics has gone bad rear shocks gone a/c no longer works transmission is now grinding and it has had 4 alignments in the las 6 months my opinion the truck was in a really bad wreck once again i was told it was a repo. I live in michigan we have a media show on fox 2 news called the hall of shame it is hosted by rob walchek he is my next call i am also in the process of retaining an attorney to sue bulldog and tennesse commerce bank since they are the ones that inspected the truck. I would love to talk to some of the other victims of bulldog so we can band together and shut them down before they wreck more lives my family has suffered so bad financially because of this we dont know how we will ever recover.

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