Bumble Bee Construction

Bumble Bee Construction

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Published: 02 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This contractor must be stopped! I’ve used many contractors in my life and never came across anything like this. Over promising, asking for money for work not yet performed, needing money for materials and then never buying them. One delay and excuse after another as to why he isn’t working… besides all his excuses the 5 days with a broken cell phone is just one of many outrageous stories we were told and none of them believable! | My biggest mistake was that i over paid him for work and materials not completed or purchased. Once he had that advantage he took full advantage as i now became hostage as to when he wants to show up for work – which was very limited with little getting done. | Then mysterious things started happening, like when i was on a family vacation out of the country the roof starts leaking in multiple places and needs immediate attention. | He quoted a price to do the roof, but he said with no permit. | He also gave me a price for the roof if permitted which was much higher! This was another one of many red flags because we all know permits aren’t that expensive and it is needed! The fact he wanted to do it without a permit is not a good for liability reasons or resale reasons. The thought no one would be checking to make sure he did it right in my opinion was exactly what he was hoping for! | Anyway, we had another contractor do it with a permit for $3,000 less then he quoted but after he didn’t get the roof business he pouted and little to no work was got done on the house from that point forward. | We also had a mysterious break-in happen where extra money is paid to him to fix the damage – 90% is still unfinished! He had until May the 6th and you can see by the pictures it is still at least a good month away. To top it off he claims $6,000 of his tools are missing from the break in and since I had no insurance to cover his tools he wants to file suit against my agent??? I said it’s not his fault they don’t provide that insurance and i didn’t have that kind of coverage. His response was “I have attorneys on retainer that will tie him up in legal fees and force him to settle!!! | This is the kind of contractor nobody wants or needs and makes a bad name for all the good ones that are out there. | I could go on and on but trying to sell us stolen windows after all of this really takes the cake! I’m not sure if they were really stolen or if he just wanted to extort more cash out of us and never deliver any windows. That’s up to the law professionals to figure that out. | My experience is compounded because he was working on 3 other properties of mine and overpaid and stiffed on all of them. He said if I try to contact him he will suit me.. Incredible!! i could go on and on one experience with this guy worse than the next but it’s not over. I will exhaust every ounce of energy i have to get back what he took for me, my business partner and our families. I will hold him accountable both finacially, legally, and crimanally if need be. It is my hopes that you see this post before you hire him, or anyone like him.

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