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Bumper Wholesale

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company has terrible customer skills and communication. I ordered a bumper and paid up front with a verbal commitment of 6 days shipped to my door. After three weeks and 20 calls and several emails, all by me, they never once called or responded to my emails. I got every excuse and “oh, let me call you right back after I check on it” in the book. In fact, for 4 days I called several times a day and got a full VM message! Last week Monday they said it was in their possession and would be shipped the next day. I said great, I want a call when UPS picks it up. No call. Then a week of me calling and getting the full VM. I finally get through to them this am and while on the phone he tells me that the Mercedes bumper I ordered comes in the Sport model with or with out a style line. I tell him this is the first they had told me this. He said he’d talk to his supervisor and get back to me in 5 minutes. Four hours later I call them and get through miraculously. This time the guy tells me the original bumper was damaged and that’s why they didn’t ship it last week, and that the new one is there today and it’ll be shipped tomorrow am. I inquired about the “style line” that I had never heard of, and he says and I quote…”Oh sure, which one would you like for me to send you?” I then reminded him how he had just said that the bumper was in and going out the next day. How could he ship me a bumper with-out knowing which I needed? He told me how they have a pallet of 300 2004 Mercedes SL bumpers with various options and that he would pull the one I needed. He got upset when I asked him how could he possible send me a bumper with-out knowing it was the correct one! He yelled..”Well which one do you want then?!” Before I could even get into his complete ignorance, he said “forget it, I’m refunding your money. You are being difficult!” LOL/OMG We exchanged a few choice words with each other and he hung up! Long story short, I have an irate client now, and am looking for another source for the bumper. These jokers are insane and have no idea how to run a business. They were never empathetic or apologized for anything, and seemed oblivious to their lack of communication and punctuality. How they are in business I have no idea. If and when I get my refund, I’ll update my report.

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