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Bundy Corperation

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

first I must tell you the the policy for doing something wrong is first time verbal warning second time a write up third time 3 day suspension Virgina Washington is the afternoon foreman and she is black and discriminates against white people, the white managers let her she does not rotate the senority list so her black friends and relatives can get all the over time, what happened was the over time was between me and a guy from india named kameron she choose kameron for the over time I told him to go back where he came from he told virgina and she told kathy bradshaw who is human resources and white I was told to leave yet this was the first time I said something like that they said they didn’t follow policy because I was so horrible for saying that no rape is horrible the death of a child is horrible what they did to me was horrible. I was suspended for a week and lost forty hours of work so they could investigate what I said I also lost 750.00 bonus pay for no absenties, I want my 1200 back and I want closer as to why the white managers let virgina discriminate against white people I said I was sorry to kameren and he said he was sorry that he caused me so much trouble I told him not to worry about it that virgina is a bigot and the managers are letting her now what gets me is that virgina considers herself to be a god fearing christain and she reads the bible I don’t know what bible she reads but the one I read is judge not least you be judge don’t bear false witness against your neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you so if virgina is an example of a good chistain then Im glad im not christain because I would never do to her what she did to me then we found out some of us would be working four hours she never rotated the senority list like she was supposed too and instead of sending me home with pay she would find work for me to do one time another girl wanted to leave after four hours and told virgina to let me work eight she said no I went to the head manager and ask for a lay off I was tired of virgina discriminating against and I couldn’t even as why they let her because I was afriad it would hurt my unemployment benifets my point in writing this is reverse discrinination happens and why is it allowed are the whites so afriad of the naacp? this is not the first time I have been discriminated against and its wrong that we white people can’t do anything about it Lygia clinton twp, MichiganU.S.A.

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