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Buscarello Construction

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Published: 26 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In March 2019 I received a sidewalk violation notice from the city of New York. I called my plumber and asked if he knew a reliable contractor. He recommended Mike Buscarello of Buscarello Construction. In early April I called Mike. He came to my home, measured the job and gave me an estimate slightly below the cityu2019s u201cper footu201d estimate. He said he would get the necessary permit and start the job the following week. He asked for a $1,000.00 deposit, and having gotten him through my plumber who I trusted, I gave it to him in cash. BIG MISTAKE. He was due the following Tuesday. He did not show up or call me. Late Tuesday afternoon I called. He apologized and said he would be there the following Tuesday. Same as above. This went on for a month with excuses including his truck broke down, he had to go to his auntu2019s funeral etc. In mid-May I asked for my deposit back. Again, he apologized and said that he would bring it to my home. From that point calls to his number went to voice mail and were not returned. I then called with my I.D. blocked and he answered. He again apologized and said he would return my deposit. He did not, and he stopped answering calls with a blocked I.D. I used a friendu2019s phone and he answered and for the 3rd time promised to return my deposit. Of course, he did not. In early July I contacted the New York City sidewalk repair agency and made an arrangement to have them do my job. In the last 4 months I have called him too many times to remember, sent over a dozen text messages, and received almost as many replies, all of which I have on my phone. I have texts from him confirming all the above and saying he would return my deposit. The last straw was Thursday July 20th. I called him from another friendu2019s phone and told him that I was going to file this complaint and report him to a number of city agencies. He said that he was in the middle of a job, and promised to bring me my deposit on Saturday (which I did not believe.) On Friday I attempted to text him my address. He had not been here in almost 4 months, and I didnu2019t want him to have the excuse that he forgot my address. I got this message back u201cReceiver 347-282-1326 unable to receive message u2018 Message blocking is active.u201d He blocked incoming texts from my number. I guess he got tired of apologizing and decided to end his charade. As far as I can tell, he never got a permit to do my job. Once he had my thousand dollars I guess it was easier to keep it and forget doing the job. Do yourself a favor. Donu2019t make the same mistake I did, and if youu2019re ever considering doing business with Bucarello Construction, do it at your own risk.

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