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Bushway & Waystack, Attorneys at Law

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Published: 17 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The Demise of Keagan Goodrich Waystack It should come as no surprise that Keagan Goodrich Waystack has lost her position as Assistant District Attorney in the Ocmulgee District Attorneys Office in Gray, Georgia. In August of 2013, Keagan found out about her impending job loss while standing in court (probably lying on someone to get a conviction) trying a murder case. The individuals whom made the decision to get rid of her did not have enough respect for her to give Keagan a heads up. Apparently, she had no idea that she was about to get thrown under the bus. The Jones County Commissioners stated that due to budgetary constraints, Keagan’s position has to be eliminated. Come on, anyone who knows anything about politics and public budgeting knows that when cuts do occur on the county level, it’s usually not within the District Attorney’s Office. Typically, when local government want to reduce their expenditures it does so by raising sales and property taxes, and eliminating community and social welfare programs. But, Keagan lost her job so that the county could “supply equipment for the county’s EMA officers.” Yeah, right. The decision to axe Keagan Waystack came from the powers that be in Atlanta who received a complaint into prosecutorial misconduct in Fred Bright’s office; he’s the current District Attorney for the Jones County area, where Keagan formerly worked. The allegation into misconduct while in office was so atrocious, that state officials had no choice but to punish both Bright and Waystack. Lying in open court about crimes in which defendants never committed, coaching and encouraging witnesses (and non-witnesses) to lie, and orchastrating false arrests and ill treatment of inmates are just some of the illegal acts committed by Waystack during her tenure in the DA’s office. This woman is corrupt and learned from the best, her boss. However, Fred Bright’s day is coming as well. For now, he will have to suffer, which is partly the intended outcome of kicking Waystack out of office. This woman has no business in public service, given her lack of ethical and moral values in applying the law and treating defendants as people. Waystack is a vindictive and evil woman who will stop at nothing and utilize the resources of her lynch mob cronies in and around Jones County to get back at you. Defending child molesters and murderers is the right side of the law for her, and she is in good company; among friends. However, I would not hire her to shovel dog crap because she will go outside the bounds of the law in order to win a case, which inevitably blows up in the clients face. This woman will ruin your life! Run for hills and hire another firm. Have you wondered why Waystack had to start her own firm? She was forced out of her job in the DA’s office due to ethics issues, which negatively affected her reputation within the legal community. No one wanted to hire her! She begged her current law partner and former colleague in the DA’s office, whom also got the boot, by the way, to go into private practice, as no one else wanted to work with her. I am not going to be happy until I see her pack up her cheap, polyester suits and other outdated clothing styles, and go back to South Carolina where she belongs. Stay tuned, it’s not over for Keagan because of an impending and ongoing investigation, she will have to answer some tough questions asked by higher ups within state government, the Feds, as well as the media.

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