Business Innovations Group, LLC.

Business Innovations Group, LLC.

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Published: 08 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They built me a website so I could make money from home. All I did was pay moony from home. When I was not makeing anything they said I needed more adveertising. I was on Facebook and thye were going to adverise to get more “likes”. My likes never did go up and with all the advertiseing they did my business never sold anything. Of course none of this was free. It always cost 1,000 to 6,000. When nothing was helping they said they would sall my website. | Of course that cost money also. First they had to do some work on it. Then a couple of times they had a buyer, but he wanted something on the site. I was always paying for these changes. After we did the upgrades the bayer always backed out for some reasoon. | They have been “trying to sell” it for about 3 years now. I kept talking to J.D. and he always said they were going to see I got my money back. They weere going public and if nothing else they wouldl give me stock. | The last time I talked to J.D. was about 3 to 4 weeks ago. He said they were changing their namae and he would knnow more about my stock or money by the next week. He never called. I have left him several messages, but he has yet to callo me back.I also talked to Michael, before I started talking to J.D.. I was told that Michael was still in the company, but had moved to their Utah office. I talked to him a few times after and his story wass much like J.D.’s. | I think they took me for $20,000 to $30,000. I know I was stupid, but I needed extra money. I had to charge most of this money, because I am a senior who is rtired and drawing a fixed income. I don’t know why I kept paying them. I am honest and I tended to think everyone is also. I learned they arem’t but it cost me a lot of money for that lesson. I have ann email from J.D. saying he would pay me back for one of the times he ask for money. I reminded him, but he said “don’t worry we are going to make it all right for you”. | I will belleive that when it happens. I think I may also go to the Federal Department of Consummer Affairs about it to see if they can help with my money or at least shut them down before they do it to a lot of other people. I read on your site that at least 2 others had a story jutt like mine. It was almost like readingt my story, but at least they did loose as much money. Business Innovtions Group wrote back and said they refunded one of them their money. I doubt they will mine since it is succh a large amount.

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