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Business Network International is a bunch of scamming fucking vultures that ruined me and my busines

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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Judith B. Davis

I am mad as hell at these scumbags ‘cos they ruined me. I HAVE WORKED MY WHOLE LIFE!!! My store has been opened since 1989 and these fuckers are now in my lot with their crap store!
Ever since I finished high school, I wanted to operate my own business and when I was 35, me and my wife inherited a small estate which we sold and used the money to open up a store. We sold authentic furniture that mostly I made with my bare hands. My wife worked at the counter while I did all the rest. But financial crisis hit us hard as did the rest of the hard working Americans and we struggled to keep it open. Then these fuckers showed up. They preyed upon the people that were struggling to keep their businesses alive and I was one of them. They even used someone I considered a friend at the time to lure me into their fucking circle.
This whole shenanigan began a couple of years back with the invitation to a presentation. It was a free one and I stood nothing to lose if I heard them out and maybe found a way to save my business. I went to the presentation but was not too impressed. It’s like any other bullshit idea, keep working hard and advertise and you will succeed. Fuck those idiots who never worked an honest day in their lives! They are all talk but actually can’t do shit other than to scam people.
But these douchebags were persistent so I went to a meeting. The whole charade was looking like a cult and the meetings were weird as fuck but I stayed till the end to hear them out. Their sales pitch was amazing, I gotta admit that, and they got me to join. What they offered was to keep bringing in new referrals for my business and help me grow it but I gotta do the same for them as well. It is like a bunch of kids playing games but, to be honest, it worked for the first couple of months. My business actually looked like it might bounce back.
But that was just a dumb luck that I caught a couple of big orders that kept me afloat for a couple of months. It turned out that it had nothing to do with them. BUT I WAS DELUSIONAL that these guys actually helped. I paid the monthly fee and went to the stupid meetings, but I refused to draw more people into the scam and they were really pissed off about it. And after a couple of months, my business was slow again. I got frustrated and even paid for some fucking seminar hoping to turn things around.
Months went by and things weren’t getting any better. After 3 years of being associated with these idiots, I had one new customer that these fucks referred to me. Thousands of dollars in fees for one new customer. These hacks were full of shit and they only wanted me to join so that they could leech off me and keep taking my money.
My wife and I had decided to distance ourselves from these idiots and I stopped paying the fee and stopped going to the meetings. They threatened to sue me even! But not quite! One of these fucks was actually a brother of the bank I was hoping to get a loan from. Needless to say, I was turned down and had to close the store. THIS FUCKER THEN WALTZED INTO MY SPOT AND OPENED A STORE OF HIS OWN.
These fucking bastards were waiting for me to fail all along so that they could get my location. They ruined me and everything I had worked for over 20 years was destroyed by these fuckers. My entire life’s work!!!
I cannot do anything to these fucks even though I tried to sue them. The lawyer simply told me it would cost me a lot of money and I probably would not win. He also shared the fact that he had found out when he looked into these fuckers. 85% of businesses that partner with BNI fail in the first 5 years. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THEY DID THIS TO!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE MANY OTHERS.
If you ever get a chance to meet a person affiliated with BNI, SPIT IN THEIR FACE FOR ME!

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