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Published: 15 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I just recently became notified of a fraud account with false claims misrepresenting my copyright since April, 2017. The offending agencies copyright on their website says none of the claims are valid; “CopyRight 2017. All Rights Reserved. By visiting bustedescorts.com you must be over 18 yrs of age. bustedescorts.com uses algorithms that display data in a certain way that should not be regarded as fact but as entertainment purposes only. The term bust used on this website does not mean anyone has been convicted of a crime, it does mean an ad in an adult section on the internet has been found and the number was ‘busted’ doing so. bustedescorts.com does not provide posting services as these are provided by third party companies. Advertisements on this website are from external sources. You may request content be removed by using this form. All valid DMCA removal requests should be removed within 24 to 36 hours of submission but is not a guarentee.” From <bustedescorts.com/> bustedescorts.com.hypestat.com/ ripoffscams.com/reports/bustedescortscom/internet/bustedescortscom-escort-police-false-allegations-public-slander-internet-1385146 We need to address the issue of websites designed for “Entertainment Purposes” like this example perpetuate an unacceptable direct violent threat of fraud identity/framing and how dangerous that is to the survivors safety. No culture should have tolerance for the exploitation of a stolen and fabricated identity; a taboo injustice and cause of suffering harm by manipulated information. We need to critically question every source because inauthenticity is a truly pervasive crime. We can all share a common understanding of the need to represent integrity of the truth as priceless and to hold our personal self respects as valued assets. I fiercely value my dignity with neither attachment nor aversion from these falsified exasperations manifested by an unethical network of corruption who is under warning of Legal Defensive Actions to protect communities from further abuse and fake police report record claims.

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