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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

. My husband and I purchased a GSD puppy from Butler’s Shepherds on May 13, 2015. Mr. Butler assured us that the puppy was a “show” quality puppy being sold for a “pet” quality price. While sitting in his office (light was dim) he fumbled through paperwork. He did not go over the paperwork with us. We paid him $650 in cash. He did not provide a bill of sale per PA State law requirements of licensed kennels. At the time of meeting the puppy, we were outside in an area and it was windy and chilly. She was outside the entire time we were there on the property. Once in the car we noticed a very foul smell. The puppy had fecal matter/urine caked in her under coat. Once home we had a chance to review the paperwork and found that the puppy had already been sold/returned. That was never disclosed. The puppy also has a broken tail which was not disclosed at time of sale either. Groomer can testify to the fecal matter/urine. There was no health certificate given with the puppy per PA State law requirement of licensed kennels. I explained to Mr. Butler that my husband is a police officer, that we have twins with complex medical issues and that we are honest people. He deceived us by withholding pertinent information. Had he disclosed any of this information we would have clearly never purchased any dog/puppy from him. I have emails where Mr. Butler told me that it was “not his responsibility” to go over any paperwork. He also told me that he did not have to disclose to us that the said puppy had a broken tail because he sold her as a “pet” quality although he claimed she was “show” quality. His website clearly states that ALL of his dogs/puppies are dual registered with AKC/ACA, this is NOT the case. Said puppy came with ACA papers. The sire of the puppy is also the sire of the mother. Apparently, he uses the same male for ALL of his females which are ALL related. There’s a HUGE difference between line breeding and inbreeding. His 13+ dogs were in small cubicles. On the property there is no grass as the so called “kennel” is located on the second floor of a garage in the city. I wrote to Mr. Butler told him of the situation told him that we were quite upset that he is a dishonest person that witheld pertinent information when it came to us making a sound decision. I asked him for our $650 back in exchange for his puppy. He was extremely cocky and distasteful with no respect. If you are curious to how his dogs are living go onto his FaceBook page under Butler’s Shepherds and view his video. No one in their right mind could condone such inhumane practises. Furthermore, we were told by others that have been bullied by him after running into issues that before the current kennel set up he has, he had all 13+ dogs housed in the basement of his home. Rescue would call him a dog hoarder not a breeder. A reputable breeder stands behind their dogs. A reputable breeder discloses ALL pertinent information regarding the dog/puppy being sold. A reputable breeder does NOT forge documents. A reputable breeder does not lie to cover their tracks. A reputable breeder provides a contract and a guarantee. This man is a very very good con-artist at best. He needs to be stopped. Michelle, York, PA. SEE Revelation 21:8

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