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I am David; ‘Buy Forex signals’ has robbed me of my money and has given no refund as yet. Buy Forex signal is a Forex signal providing company that gives out signals on the direction of the market on EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCHF.
I paid $210 to receive daily signals from the said company. The amount was slightly on the higher side but I still went ahead with the purchase because I had read moderately good reviews about the same.
They had claimed of having their offices all over New York and London city. Also, they had given 30 day money back guarantee; that is the reason I thought I was safe to be trying this.
After having made the purchase, I was given the user instructions and it said that the signals were sent at 4 a.m. which is completely opposite to my trading style. I could not have used the platform anyways. So, instead of wasting my money I thought of getting a refund on the same. I called these guys and narrated the whole story, telling them about how their software systems did not suit my trading style and hence could not be used by me. Since they had a 30 day money back guarantee I wanted a refund of the purchase amount I had paid. They asked me to mail about the same and then they could process it further.
I sent a mail on the provided email ID that is [email protected] and waited for their revert. The reply stated that my refund was denied. I was told that the company refund policy says that I had to use the platform for a minimum of 21 days before applying for a refund. I called them back, explained anything again and conveyed how I could not use the platform software at all. If I could have used it for 21 days what problem would I have in using it for the entire time. Since I cannot use it at all at the first place that is the reason I wanted a refund. The executive did not want to understand my point and plainly refused to the refund. They were not courteous at all and were outright rude since I had asked for a refund.

Their 30 day money back guarantee is a total scam. Once your money gets in, they do not issue any refund whatsoever. Now that I have had such an experience I have come across people stating similar instances and not getting the money refunded at any cost.
Their sole motive is to get the money once and they do not bother if the customer is satisfied post that or not.
Do not ever waste your money on ‘buy Forex signal’. They do not guarantee any refund and do not entertain anyone once the money is in.

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