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Published: 28 February 2019

Posted by: Nina

Buy Owner is such a huge scam on so many levels, that it is truly difficult to know where to begin. From their insanely false advertising, their entirely deceptive sales practices, their ridiculous contracts, with their no refund policies, and let”s not forget their absurdly rude and disdainful customer service department, Buy Owner “takes the cake” when it comes to unscrupulous. I should know, because I was a victim. Please heed my warning, and do not use this company. If you believe their ads, you”re supposed to be saving thousands of dollars by using their services. In reality, you”re essentially throwing thousands of dollars away. A Buy Owner salesperson came to my home in late Feb. 2007, and proceeded to lie to me to get me to sign a contract. I asked her about various packages, and she literally said they started at $10,000 and went up to $30,000. This was a total lie. They omit prices to steer you towards certain packages. I now know, after some investigation, that the prices start much lower. She led me to believe that $10,000 was the lowest, and that I”d be saving so much money when my house sold. I have since learned, that they size up the prospective client, and try to sell them the most expensive package they can, without disclosing any lower prices, even when asked. For some people it”s $2000, for some it”s $4,000, for me it was $10,000. This is illegal. I canceled my contract on the 3rd business day after signing up, but they refused to give me even a partial refund. After I complained to various agencies, they agreed to change my package to a lessor one that I had originally inquired about. It turned out that it was actually $5,000, so they were to credit me the difference of $5,000. They promised they would, in a taped phone conversation, in the interest of an amicable resolution. I agreed, but then I never heard from them again. No refund, no nothing. Not only that, but they do practically nothing to find all of those buyers that the spokesman in the commercial claims they do. He even says,”We find you the buyers.” It”s simply not true. The South Florida customer service manager I spoke with even told me that they didn”t have to find any buyers, because it”s implicit in the name. Thus they spend all of their advertising dollars soliciting you, the seller. Why? Because they get your money up front, and could care less if your house ever sells. Well, they will start to care when their business plummets. Twenty four years ago, when there was a different company owner, and no internet, things may have been done differently. I don”t really doubt that. Now, however, greed and corruption have gotten the best of them.

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