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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found this website and contacted them about one of the kittens, looked legit at first but then start to fall off one by one. First contacted on their website by filling a form, I also asked some more pictures and videos. Then I called the caterer next day, person said his name was William, he said didn’t check his mails yet so said him to respond me after checking the mails. Later day he texted me this: “Hello Ersin, We just Received your request for of our F1 Savannah kitten by name Angle Stock Number: ZTZ-115 Angle is still available the price for Angle Including shipping is $950. She can be shipped and home delivered to you. The delivery agency has pet delivery agents that will transport your kitten upon arrival and home deliver the pet at your door steps. | The entire process is very efficient and effective. After registration of your kitten at the delivery agency it takes less than 6 hours for your kitten to be shipped and home delivered to you at your door step. | Angle most likely will be 17-22 pounds with a height of 17″-19″ inches tall full grown Angle is potty trained and current on all shots, Angle is Registered and comes with a 1 year health guarantee. Angle is Weight is 3.2 lbs 11 oz at 11 weeks old at the moment Angle is purebred F1 Savannah kitten with excellent pedigree Check out this little firecracker. She is a gorgeous little girl with a personality to match. She is a real treasure and would make a perfect little Kitten for you and your family. | She may be small in size but she has a big personality and She thinks she is one of the big girls! She loves to play and she is so cute to watch. She likes to jump and get your attention. She loves to be held and pampered and would make the perfect little purse companion. Just think of the adventures she could go on with you. Angle will come along with all vet papers and She is Home raised, associate well with kids and other home pets. will you want us to reserve Angle for you…..? Are you ready to take home Angle with you ASAP or when exactly are you randy to take her home with you………? How soon will you want us to ship Angle over to you so that we can provide you with further details on how the purchase and shipping process goes. ……………? Once we confirm your request we full forward you further details regarding how the entire shipping process goes. waiting for your response and confirmation My regard William Call us (540)900-9230 Text us via:(540)900-9230 [email& 160;protected] ” | Then I said fill me in about the payment, what is next step? They send this via email: Hello Ersin, We did receive reservation request and confirmation for one of our Kittens Angle. We have registered Angle to be Reserved for you and delivery to be done at your specified address, Once payments is confirmed. You Requested Kitten’s details…: Kitten NAME: Angle Sex: Female Stock Number: ZTZ-115 Total Price: $950 (shipping included) We have Registered This specified Kitten in our system under your details as follows: Recipient Name: Ersin Doyduk Phone No: 215-407-0767 Home Address: , Philadelphia PA . We have Registered this Kitten in our system Under your details and Reserved against shipping once we confirm payments. We will schedule delivery To be effected at the above specified address as mentioned above. | The Reservation Reference Number of your order is: ZTZ-115/17/12/05 You are thereby expected to make payments for this Kitten in order for us to ship this Kitten to you. You will be making payments via Western Union Or Walmart to Walmart. You can do that at any Walmart store close to your location using Walmart to Walmart services, Using our cashier details below. USE WESTERN UNION OR WALMART-WALMART TO MAKE PAYMENTS WITH THE BELOW INFO Receiver…: Keanu Tayara city…….: Danville state….. : Virginia Zip code…: 24541 Amount ….: $950 Address….: 307 Roberts St Once you are done, take a picture copy of the payment receipt and email or text to us so that we proceed further with shipping Booking Reservation confirmation. We will then update you with further details regarding departure time and arrival time of the Kitten after we have confirm payments and secure a shipping booking with the shipping agency. | We will also send you the delivery tracking number so that you can track online and know the exact departure and arrival time of your Kitten at you door steps.. We will keep you updated as we proceed so that you will be constantly updated on all details. Regards. It sounded so shady and I asked if I can pay with PayPal? They said: We are currently incorporating with are online cards payment so at the moment we accept payment via money orders or cash app And kept asking how soon I can pay!

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