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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: sassyjulia

Don’t trust this travel agency! If you are an OFW in the Uk, don’t book your flights with this company. I’ve had enough of them. I booked my flight in January but Im flying out in May for my daughter’s debut in the Philippines. I booked with them because I thought that their prices are OK. The agent was good on the phone nad she took my payment and said that my tickets should be arriving within the week. her name is Divine by the way. So the following, I was expecting that my tiickets will arrive but when Friday came (I was expecting my tickets to arrive on Wednesday but I gave them a grace period), there was none. I thought that maybe it has nothing to do from their end, maybe its the post (because I chose to have my tickets by post rather than email because I don’t trust that system). Finally, I called them on saturday and asked about my tickets and divine said that they already mailed the tickets but I said that I haven’t received it yet!! They said that they’d send it again and I sad OK, i should be expecting it next week again. I also asked if they can send the email version as well just to see if my tickets are really ok. I was expecting the email instantly but the whole saturday, it did not arrive. This is just PURE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY ARE SUCH LIARS!!! BYAHE PINOY IS A LIAR! Im not really good with computers but i can send an email, how can they not do that???!!! I tried calling them the whole day to follow up with my tickets but I can’t reach them.. Tsk tsk. Id like to think that they were avoiding me. SO much for professionalism BYAHE PINOY!!! The following week, i already had my doubts so tried calling Cathay Pacific to confirm if I was really booked with them and GUESS WHAT???!!! Cathay Pacific said that I was not booked with them! I assumed that maybe because I dont have a tracking number thats why they couldnt find me. I told the girl from cathay pacific that the travel agency havent sent me anything. And she said that I better talk it out with the travel agency. So I did the whole week but the people from Byahe Pinoy just kept on passing me from one person to another. I first talked to Divine and she passed me to their manager John but he wasnt able to solve my problem and he passed me back to divine!! DO THESE PEOPLE EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING????!!! I was aggravated by my situation and April came but I still havent received anything from them. No tickets in my mail or in my email! By this time, I started to panic and I already contacted my lawyer and my sister in law who works in the Philippine Embassy in London. I asked her if there is any way that I can file a complain about them and too check their business dealings in the Philippines. Through her, I found out that THEY WERE ACTUALLY ILLEGALLY OPERATING IN THE PHLIPPINES! SHE TOLD ME THAT THEY WERE NOT ACTUALLY REGISTERED IN BIR, ETC. and that their office is alreasy closed in makati. So where are these people located then??? Parang feeling ko, dapat sii Erwin Tulfo na lang ang tinawagan ko para paimbestigahan ang mga taong to. akala ko pa naman pilipino sila at alam ang piangdaraanan namin dito sa UK, yun pala mga manloloko lang. Kaya kayo mga Kababayan, ingat sa BYAHE PINOY! I double check nyo muna bago kayo mag book sa kanila. I told my lawyer here in UK to call them already or else, if they dont give my tickets asap, I will sue them. I also asked my SIL to call them up and threaten. Apparently, thats what they needed. ASAP, they gave my ticket right away… for me, this action confirmed our research. Its like they are really hiding something. So next time, please check i they are really a registered travel company. Earning money here is hard so i dont want it to go to waste.

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