Bypass Truck Repair and Welding

Bypass Truck Repair and Welding

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This complaint involves two separate, but linked, incidents. The first time I called Bypass was at approx. 12:05am (midnight) on 6/22/11. My husband had just blown a re-tread on a semi tire and wanted to limp it in to a local shop to get it repaired. When I called to verify that there would be someone available to help my husband when he got there, the man who answered the phone rudely informed me that “if I’m going to wake him and the rest of the country up” I had better have all the information (about the tire type) he needed. He rudely went on about the expense of the repair because of the late hour and was angry about being woken. I stated that my husband had not relayed that info to me, but would he be able to meet him for the repair anyway. He refused based on lack of needed information and hung up on me when I suggested taking my business elsewhere. The second time I called was approx. 10:20am the next morning (6/22/11). The man who answered was the same man I spoke to the night before. When I asked to speak to a manager he rudely asked “who is this?”. I asked if it mattered who I was and he replied “D*mn right it matters”. He then used the F-word profusely and told me to take his number off my list so that he “wouldn’t have to deal with little snots like me”. I asked if he was the owner and he said “F*** you” and hung up. This is hands down the worst case of customer service I have ever seen. I have been in customer service longer than his shop has been open (15 years according to his website) and you NEVER treat a customer this way under any circumstances. If he doesn’t want to answer after-hours calls, he shouldn’t offer 24-hour service. I know many truckers and I will be advising them to avoid his shop.

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