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Published: 03 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Mayor Curtis and the city council of Provo, Utah feel they’ve addressed the enormously profitable extortion racket coordinated by the towing companies in cahoots with the likes of University Villa Student Housing in Provo; however, the predatory towing racket is alive and well. Apparently, the University Villa Apartments actually OWNS the street of 148 W. off of 960 N. I didn’t know this was even possible. (Didn’t Provo taxpayers fund the construction of this road?) They (Villa) wait like vultures for someone to get sucked in, then get on the hot-line to the towing company, and in less than 5 minutes after you’ve left your vehicle, you have a nice addition to the wheels in the form of a lock boot. If you don’t pay RIGHT THEN AND THERE, you don’t get it removed. No parking ticket is issued so they’ve circumvented one’s right to due process and appeal. Even if a ticket is requested they won’t provide one. The Provo city police have no jurisdiction here either so there is absolutely no recourse. They may as well have put a gun to my head and asked for my wallet. If the Villa TRULY doesn’t want people to park on the street, and if this TRULY isn’t an extortion racket, they could easily paint the curbs to say such. Something like, “Villa housing parking only” right on the curb would suffice. Instead, they have the minimum signage required at the entrance of the street to entrap people looking to park – especially out-of-towners – who aren’t aware of streets being anything but “public”. Upon parking, I saw a the vehicle in front of me was booted, but I simply thought, “This guy must have neglected tickets!” I didn’t associate it at all with parking on the street. I saw the signage, and already knew that apartment parking stalls are always for the tenants. BUT THE STREET?! Upon return, many were booted. Shame on you Provo city council and Mayor Curtis for tolerating this. Shame on you Brigham Young University for allowing this. Shame on you University Villa Apartments for displaying your minimal moral standards. I guess public relations is not of concern to the Provo city mayor and council. No gambling, but apparently, blackmail is well within the moral values of this city. Suzann Salt Lake City, UT

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