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C.A.R.S Protection Plus, Inc.

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Published: 08 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a car from Shulak Motors in Gahanna, Ohio on Janaury 26, 2009. I drove all the way from Maine to Ohio to pick up the car. Shulak Motors does not warranty their cars so they convinced me to purchase a warranty from C.A.R.S Portection Plus of McMurray, PA which they said would cover all the major components of the vehicle. The owner of Shulak motors told me he has doing business with C.A.R.S Protection Plus for many years and he’s never had problem either from them, or any customer complaints. In several conversations I had with him, I asked him about the head gasket, the brakes, the condition of the muffler. He told me he had my vehicle inspected twice for any potential issues because he knew I would be driving the car all the way to Maine. One week after I purchased the car, I was driving home at night on a major highway here in Maine. The car started to smoke from the rear and out of the hood. Fortunately, there was an exit near by and I was able to pull over. I opened up the hood and found radiator fluid all over the engine. I had a friend come pick me up and when the car cooled down, we drove it to the nearest car repair facility down the road and left it there for the weekend. When I called the repair facility the following Monday morning, I asked them to tell me what they thought was wrong. I also asked them to check out some silver paper that was hanging down from the back area of the car. Later that day they called and told me the radiator needed to be replaced, along with the head gasket, front sway bar and rear axel seal. And oh by the way, that silver thing you saw was a “Bud Light” beer can holding the muffler together! Shulak said they don’t have an inspection out in Ohio so he didn’t consider that a problem. Then C.A.R.S spoke with the repair facility and told them before they repaired the head gasket they need to perform a diagnostic test on the motor to make sure it was ok before they repaired the head gasket. C.A.R.S told the repair facility that I would have to pay for this diagnostic charge $164.00. They said they would not repair the hea gasket unless I paid for this charge. So after the repair facility checked out the motor, and it was fine, they said they were not going to repair the head gasket, because it was a a problem prior to my purchasing the car. When I spoke to Shulak, he said his mechanic had checked it out and it was fine. So now I have driven over 32 hours to purchase a car I cannot drive and will have come up with $2900 to repair the car so I can even drive it. Not to mention the costs of the vehicle the expenses incurred getting to Ohio and back, the cost of the $300 Warranty less the $100 deductible, (which by the way is you have a diagnostic test, you can’t use that charge towards your deductible,) the rental car for two weeks I’ve unable to use my car, the cost associated with registering my car in Maine bringing the grand total to over $9,000! The cars Kelly Book value in excellent condition is $5900. Royallgal Richmond,, MaineU.S.A.

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