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Published: 10 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After damage by hail, our home was scheduled to have new vinyl siding replace the existing aluminum siding. The contractor notified us that our project was about to begin. Noting that the weather was predicted to be very stormy that day with gusting winds, we, the homeowners, told them in person not to begin. The contractors disagreed with us and told us it would be ok. We still insisted that they should wait until favorable conditions. The next morning, to our amazement and anger, the work crew arrived while we were at work and began removing all the aluminum siding. Our home was left with only the ORIGINAL Tyvek covering that had hundreds of punctures in it from the removal of the previous siding as the rain came. At the time that the storm hit, the house was in various stages of completion. A portion of the house had a covering of Thermal LCI Board. Another portion had both the Thermal LCI Board with a covering of PLY DRY house wrap. But, most important, was a section of the house that had only the original punctured Tyvek. As soon as the storm ended, the workers continued applying and covering the wet house with wet materials. We could not get them to stop. They acted as though they could not understand English. We immediately contacted the contractor who came out and told us that everything would be fine. He allowed them to continue. I noticed that areas on the shingles where they had placed ladders to install siding there was surface damage. We complained about the damage. When they finally came to repair the areas, the temperature had dropped. I have been told that when it is too cold the shingles will crack. I asked them to wait until we had warmer weather, possibly in the spring. Again I was told that it would be ok. I insisted that they wait until warmer weather. A few days later, I heard some knocking sounds at the front of the house. I was dumbfounded to find that workers were placing ladders against the front of my house. They were going to do the work anyway. I chased them away and bought a no trespassing sign and installed in full view outside. Update, November 7th, 2014: We have found that water has been leaking into the ceiling where the sunroom and kitchen meet. Above this area is one of the outside walls where the rainstorm soaked the uncovered sides of the house. They were wrong when they told us that everything would be fine. When installing new shingles, they covered the roof ridge-vents with tarpaper causing moisture problems in the attic. Mold was discovered on the underside of our roof. High humidity inside the attic condensed and fell onto the insulation. A large portion of the blown-in insulation had to be removed. Moisture seeped into the areas around ceiling fixtures and fans. All this has to be replaced. Our dryer was not working efficiently. We thought that it might need repair. Soon after, the exhaust tube from the dryer to the outside split open distributing a lot of dryer lint into the basement. When I went outside to see if something was blocking the vent, I could not find it. Our dryer vent had been covered by siding and that damaged our dryer, needing repair. We recently noticed, since warm weather is here, that our power vent on our roof was not working. I went up inside your attic and found that the motor was burnt out. Strips of excess tarpaper around the opening had dropped onto the motor and melted to the inside. I also noticed that the workers had pulled the whole unit out and onto the roof while replacing the shingles. This had stretched the BX electrical cable and destroyed its integrity. No one told us of this damage. The whole unit had to be replaced. We do not want them to do any further work or repairs on our house. They seem to be quite inept at doing any work. We have withheld a final payment of $8000 until someone who is qualified corrects this problem. Others should be warned about this company.

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