C. Lee Mitchell, DDS

Dr. Mitchell is a horrible person and a terrible dentist.

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Jackie

DON’T VISIT HIS CLINIC. You’d only be wasting your money. He is a foolish and negligent dentist who doesn’t hesitate in ruining the dental health of his patients. He is a moron, a criminal and a scumbag who shouldn’t even be running a dental clinic. He should be punished because instead of helping and treating his patients, he does the opposite. He does unnecessary procedures on his patients and then pretends that they were important. Those unnecessary procedures end up ruining the health of the patient. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to get my teeth ruined by Dr. Mitchell again. I’m saying all this because this monster completely ruined my smile. Eating has become a torturing experience for me. This heartless criminal extracted 3 of my teeth and added implants instead of them. I didn’t need to get those 3 teeth removed! He removed them himself! He had discussed the extraction of only one tooth. And instead of removing one, that bastard removed 3! The other 2 were perfectly healthy. Why did he do that? To get more money. Dental implants cost a fortune. That guy had created an invoice of $9,000 for me. Imagine, $9,000!!! That’s a lot of money for a dental procedure. When I asked him about the procedure, he just told me that he did what was important. This financial burden has already made me sick and to top it off, Dr, Mitchell did such a terrible job with those implants that one of them fell down after a few months. I used to have a lot of pain in all 3 of those teeth. In fact, I had started gulping down 3-4 painkillers daily to cope with the torture. What I didn’t know was dr. Mitchell didn’t even do those procedures properly. I didn’t bother to get my teeth checked for a few weeks or a month because I was already disturbed by that freaking invoice of $9000. I was more focused on my finances than my health. It was a huge mistake too. When one of his implants fell down, I panicked. I visited another dental clinic this time because I didn’t want to get another unnecessary procedure done on my teeth. Well, this other dentist told me that those implants were installed very poorly and they were damaging my gums. They weren’t installed properly and had a few openings due to which I used to remain in so much pain. That bastard hadn’t even installed these implants properly!!! Clearly, either Dr. Mitchell is a retarded man who needs to be in an asylum or he is too lazy to do even a simple procedure properly. I got those implants removed but because I didn’t have any money, I didn’t get another set of implants. I now lack 3 teeth in my mouth. I’m planning on getting implants later on but I won’t visit Dr. Mitchell’s clinic. You should stay away from this criminal and monster too!

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