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Published: 16 October 2018

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Actually it was PAM Transport who didn’t tell me the details of the deal. Hold out for a copy of the contract and read it very carefully. I got there and then most of the details came out. Like you would owe C-1 $6,000 if it doesn’t work out for almost any reason. I suppose that’s OK if you don’t care about your credit. Well the quality of training I felt was very poor. We had 50 or more people starting out, I’m guessing half didn’t make it through. So they have like 75 students Students from all three weeks and then some they let stay over a fourth or fifth week. trying to get time in the truck and you have 10 or twelve days. and they send out 3 or 4 trucks at a time with 4 people you can do the math. Its not many hours of training. They teach you just enough to get you your license. I had about 6 hours behind the wheel before they sent me to the state testers the first time. In Virginia they make you swear you have at least 200 hours of supervised driving in various conditions, for instance night time. Then 20 hours with an offical instructor. Driving a tractor trailer is at least 20 times as hard. Does that make sense to you? I talked to people in a school in Virginia they said they give their students 40 hours on the road. So I pass the test! but I still really don’t know how to drive that monster. i get a small scrape 18×4 inches no real damage, trying to park and hit a curb coming off a freeway in Los Angeles – my second week of driving, and bent a wheel. Boom I’m out – and this is the real kicker – they file a report with Hire Right – which all the truck companies consult – sort of like a credit agency except for employment – and now nopody will touch me, like I’m a lepper.

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