C1 truck driving school

C1 truck driving school

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to C1 truck driving school 6 years ago and they flunked me out. I didn’t hear from them for a year until they froze a bank account my wife and I had. C1 took me to court and they won a judgement that was put on me. I did file bankruptcy through a legal assistant perpatrating as a paralegal and that was a failure but it kept C1 out my business for awhile until they found out the bankruptcy didn’t go through so for the last year C1’s attorney has been dragging me into court every three months to see if I’am working so they can get money out of me. I will file a Chapter 13. I can’t file a chapter 7 because it hasn’t been eight years yet (1 more left) I would like to know in what book does it say C1 is an institute of education in which you can’t file bankruptcy against them? I thought you didn’t get training until they hooked you up with a trucking firm willing to sponsor you? Least that’s what they told me.

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