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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

January 2019 the day of the Reno gun show I went to cabelas in Verdi to look at some guns in the gun library. I found three and since it was my birthday soon decided to buy all three for myself. I had to borrow some money to get all of them them, the total was $1699.00 . I filled out the background check and paid for it then waited since it was busy because of the gun show they couldn’t do mine that days so I was asked to come back the following day with my background receipt. I was also told I would have to leave a deposit of at least 20% to ensure the guns would not be on the shelves again before I returned. I agreed with the understanding I could get the money back even if I didn’t buy the guns. Yes he said with the receipt and you ID it’s like layaway he said so I left $300.00 which I talked him down to. My receipt in my hand I left and drove home to Reno. I woke up later that night extremely sick and didn’t get up for another entire day. I called cabelas to tell them I had been sick and I wouldn’t be coming to get the guns until I felt better. A day later I tried to find my purse and couldn’t locate it anywhere so I called cabelas again and told them I could not find my purse what could I do without an ID. They told me no ID no cash the receipt was with my ID but it was no good without the ID anyway. Ok so I was upset I needed the money back but where was my ID? It was in my purse which I couldn’t find either I realized I hadn’t seen it for a coupLe days. I called again on the 2nd of February and the guy told me I had already come in and got my deposit on the 30th of January. I was shocked no I did not I said, they were confused and put me on hold. A few minutes later the guy who took the deposit got on the phone and as we talked we realized it was not me and cabelas had let someone use my ID to get a deposit on guns back without verifying the identity or signature. I am 4’11 and 48 years old so it had to be someone with both those things at least, I was stumped and I was mad but they told me they would reimburse me since it was their fault. I got a call from the guy in loss prevention and he told me what I had to do to get my money back. I had already filed a police report but he needed them emailed to him and some other info first then I could come get my money. I had lost so much I was so happy they would at least not make me pay for their mistake. Two weeks later and I called everything was done I was going to get the money, which I needed desperately. The guy from loss prevention said I’m sorry and my heart sank they can’t give it back but would give me abreast deal on my next purchase . I started to cry, since then I have lost my home my job and my dogs. I have talked to corporate and they will do nothing to help me, they will not admit they made a mistake and gave another person my money with my ID the same people who do your background checks and sell you guns and ammunition. Cabelas told me if I had had a credit card they would have been able to pay it back, that’s discrimination. The bottom line is the people who are charged with selling guns to customers don’t even check ID and the ATF should take away their license, they would take away ours or put us in jail. I am at rock bottom over three hundred dollars and am homeless . Cabelas should be ashamed of themselves and I hope all those who love their guns and love their freedom rights and safety will make sure cabelas doesn’t forget the little guy. I love owning a gun and i have had to pawn all of mine to make up for the loss of shopping at cabelas on boomtown Garson road in Verdi /Reno Nevada. Wish me luck I am going to try to take it to court and protect myself from this monster store. NRA all day every day…….Kelly R

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