Cabo Auto Sales Canoga Park Ca.

Cabo Auto Sales Canoga Park Ca.

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Cabo Auto Sales, Cabo Auto Center in Canoga Park Ca, Liars and thieves! A mine field not a car lot! Well what can you say, after being humiliated, lied to and literally laughed in the face? We can HONESTLY (which is a word that doesn’t exist at Cabo Auto Sales) I can honestly say that the day we bought a car from Cabo Auto Sales in Canoga Park Ca, was the worst day of my life! The sales representatives are all in working together to scam their customers. First, the price was misrepresented by the advertisement and Tony. Then the history of the car was misrepresented by Alex. Then after our daughter wanted a Mercedes convertible so bad, and earned it by graduating college with straight “A’s. We caved in. We had our reservations about these fellas Sonny and Alex who reverted to Farsi anytime they did not want you us hear their motives. We should of walked because our instincts told us that these guys were SHADY! We figured that Alex (the Sales Manager) was helping us when he recommended that we purchase a warranty. Upon giving Alex $300 hundred extra dollars, He promise us that the warranty could be picked up in two days. (we have a receipt) Well he lied, gave us the run around and BOOM! the car not only blows a gasket and the heads, But the transmission was faulty the whole time and Cabo Auto sales in Canoga Park had foreknowledge of this according to the authorized Mercedes Dealer in Van Nuys. (who knew about Cabo, and told us that they get the same story from dozens of customers about their underhanded business practices) We ran the gauntlet of sales people promising to help us. All we got were lies. Hoosien Aienna (the owner) is the ring leader here. He kept assuring us that the warranty would kick in. Lies lies and more lies. Finally Alex just came out and told us that Cabo ” I refunded your warranty money long ago” LIES LIES AND MORE LIES! We are out four thousand dollars extra. And this car has a number of problems that I won’t go into. Please refer to over thirty reviews written on Yelp and Google, This company has somehow filtered them. IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT GO TO THE DMV INSPECTOR IN SAN FERNANDO CA. The DMV inspector is aware of Cabo. And is looking for complaints to arrest them. Most folks do not know about the DMV inspector. He is the worst thing that Cabo wants to see. You have recourse. Please feel free to send me an email at (((Redacted))) I will be GLAD to help you in putting these crooks in their place. YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Do not let them get away with it! CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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