Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors

Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors

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Published: 12 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My background as a former cadillac technician~mechanic has provided me with a critical viewpoint whom all cadillac catera and new CTS owners should see. It has been my privledge to know the background of these vehicles and the ungodly sales tactics used by both the new, used and service departments. The cadillac catera was produced from 1997 through 2001 and for each of these model years there are virtually triple the service bulletins writen on them vs all other gm products. They have a self destructing engine timing system where the 4 cams are driven via a belt that is reccomended to be replace @100,000 miles. This is simply not true, cadillac has under the table admitted this opel made pile of crap has a drive line expectancy of 45 -50 thousand miles before one of three things will happen to the motor. Firstly the timing belt shears at 30k in my experience, this causes complete metal on metal interferance where the pistons hit the valves and grenade the motor. Ok so your motor is toast, whats cad going to do for ya, replace it under there warrantee,,, ok so how about when you get to 50k and your aftermarket gm certified warrantee wont cover ya cause this product is deemed too risky… ha ha ha you just paid 30 + grand for a car with a shitty motor. To add insult to injury it will cost the average consumer approximately 15 grand to get a new motor. This is due to the fact parts will and cannot sell a complete unit. It has to be bought piece by piece… plus 50 hours or so labor at customer pay. Well ok so the engine price is high and maintence is underquailified… yeah lawsuit time baby,,, many have been filed and many have been settled out a court with stipulation of keeping quiet. The second problem with this motor is that the head gaskets are cheaply made and the engine block surface they mate to is pourous and has the cylinder # stamped into it. Ok so whats the result, yep your sucking dexcool like a fountian drink… oh yeah thats gunna be 3000 in parts and labor, not to mention a huge battle with warrantee cause your not covered outside of 50 k miles.. Lastly this motor has not been stable in any long term testing, thermal melt down and cracked blocks are just a few of the related events ok I ask you ripoff . com to edit this as freely as you would like, hell give me a call sometime I am more than willing to spill the beans about this bull s**t car, Interesting side note the catera was scheduled to be the oldsmobile aurora and vs versa, gm changed the line up to help keep oldsmobiles reputation upward due to the large online forums and do it yourselfer that would other wise bad mouth this car. I have no beef with gm, infact I will be looking for a enginnering internship in the next three years but as far as gm selling an sub quality opel engineered piece of s**t as a cadillac,,, well thats just not right,,, ahh having flash backs of the cimarron…. ahhh allante,,,,, ahh … Brent, Minnesota

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