Cafe Valer

Stale food. Disgusting place.

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had the worst encounter with Cafe Valer. I will never forget the encounter I never thought a licensed cafe could offer such substandard services and stale food to its customers.
I am a family man living on the outskirts of West Covina. On this fateful day, we decided to go shopping to buy a few home supplies and get the kids a few toys and books to read through the holidays. The whole family was happy as this made them proud as the head of the family. We shopped for groceries, apparel, books, and stationery. This was a strenuous process as we had to move around to shop for the best prices. By the end of it all, we were all hungry and exhausted. My kids complained, and there was no way I was driving home on an empty stomach.
We decided to look for a café to grab a quick meal before heading home. As we looked around, we came across Cafe Valer, which was in a secluded location. The café looked fine to me, and so we decided to have lunch. After we settled in the café, I noticed the café did not have any customers, but this was not a concern. After sitting in the café for almost thirty minutes, a waiter came to pick our orders. This was very slow, but I choose to stay since I was hungry. The waiter did not pay attention when we were placing our orders as she kept staring outside. My kids had to repeat their orders thrice before she could write them down. She was rude and kept shouting at them, something that made me mad. After taking our orders, she left and informed us we would have our orders ready in a few minutes.
After waiting for more than half an hour, another waiter approached us to ask whether we had been served or not. I told her we had placed our orders, and it had been almost an hour, and the food had not been served. She was apologetic for this and headed to the kitchen to check how long we had to wait. After a few minutes, she came back and assured us the food was almost ready and would be delivered to us in five minutes. My kids were so hungry, but there was nothing to do but wait. After five minutes, we decided to leave as this was a complete waste of time. Before we walked out, the waiter came out with what we had ordered. We felt pity and went back to eat. The waiter was apologetic and requested us not to raise a complaint to the manager as she would be kicked out of Cafe Valer. After taking a few bites, I noticed an awful taste from the food. I asked my wife to confirm this, and for sure, the food was stale. I felt disappointed and stormed out of the café, never to return. Visit this café at your risk!

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