Calgary Motorsports, Craig Cormier, Bill Peters

Calgary Motorsports, Craig Cormier, Bill Peters

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Published: 26 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After carefully explaining what repairs my 1981 Maxim needed I asked Bill Peters and Craig Cormier at Calgary Motorsports on Edmonton Trail if they could fix it. They had several old bikes for sale and claimed to have fixed them in their shop. They said they wouldn’t be able to provide OEM parts and I said that was understandable because of the age of the bike. I said aftermarket parts were ok and even agreed when they said that searching for the parts would be billable labour. I told them I had already priced most of the parts and figured in the labour would cost me about $2500.00. I know that’s a lot of money to spend on an old bike but I wanted it restored to the road and out of my buddy’s garage. They said it wouldn’t cost nearly that much. I gave them a full list of what I wanted done to it and Craig read the list and didn’t say that there were any problems. He wrote up a work order. This was in February and I asked if it would be ready by June and they said yes. I came in or called on a regular basis and both Bill and Craig told me they were working on it and ordering parts. I didn’t really believe them as Craig wouldn’t provide me with an estimate even though I asked several times. But hoped that they would make a last minute effort and I would be riding in the summer. I didn’t want to tow it from place to place hoping to find a more co-operative shop. They never told me they couldn’t do the work and that I needed to take the bike elsewhere. June came and the bike stood untouched. I then demanded to know why it hadn’t been done and Bill Peters yelled at me “Do you want me to work here 24 hours a day?” as he pulled at his hair with both of his hands. After his temper tantrum I decided to remove my Yamaha and bring it some where else but by this time all the other shops were booked full till the end of September. As I had no where to store it I sold it to TJ’s for spare parts. I included the only 2 parts that Bill had actually ordered- a front axle without nuts or bearings and a speedometer part that was ordered before the speedometer was! I have written complaints on other boards about these guys and Craig Cormier threatened to sue me. He then posted a rebuttal saying that I was offered a discount on future purchases without specifying what it was. He also said I was given a promotional gift without saying what it was. This is a lie. They have also insulted me on line. There have been responses to my complaints by posters posing as either supporters or others but I really think it’s just someone from Calgary Motorsports. These posts belittle my story and insult me while saying what a great shop they are. My experience can be cross checked by asking the other bike shops in the area what they know. They are Universal Motorcycles, Cycleworks, Board Brothers, and Pan Am Motorcycles. Keywords: ATV Complaints Maxim XJ650 Railroaded 4wheeler Yamaha Used Motorcycles Repairs Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Arctic Cat Lifan KTM Immobile calgary, AlbertaCanada

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