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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Cali Bamboo not nice after sale I bought the wide plank natural Bamboo from Jason with Cali Bamboo after much searching on line. I deceided on Cali Bamboo and bought over 800 sq ft for more than $6.00 a sq ft. Jason was the salesman and was very nice until after the sale. I did everything the manufacture said and more. After 8 months the Bamboo started cupping very bad. I called Jason and he said I did not have an adequate moister barrier. I double checked and I have two moister barriers plus I had so other Bamboo laid bought at Home depot that is still in great shape and was less than $2.00 a sq ft. Jason offered a small discount but Cali bamboo was installed correctly so why think it would not do it again. Every piece of Cali Bamboo is cupped. I had several experts look at it and each said it was too thin. It was nailed down and I have all wood flooring throughout my home with Cali being the only one with any problems. My other flooring is nailed, glued and floating with no problems. I will replace it but not with Cali Bamboo. not what I paid for.

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