California Dmv and LA County Sheriiffs parking enforcement

California Dmv and LA County Sheriiffs parking enforcement

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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On 3/17/14 I paid $1000 to the Ca DMV of which $635 was for parking tickets, at that time I did not yet have the smog check so the application was left pending. My car didn’t pass the smog so instead of paying to fix it, i got a new car. On 4/6/18 I went to register that same car cause my daughter wants to start using it. I was told I still owed the parking tickets!! I wasnt too concerned because I still have the reciepts of having paid it off in 2014. Well, DMV never sent the money to the issuing parking enforcement agency. They say cause i didn’t finalize the last application by turning in the smog, the money was lost!! They also say because its been 4 years since then, I could not get a refund! How was I to know they didn’t pay my tickets off and that the money would be lost if i didn’t finalize it. I never received a letter or any type of notice and since I had a new car I just left it as being paid. I was so upset I started crying at the DMV I am a separated mother of 4 girls, I work hard for my money, since DMV charged me, I paid it to them, & figured it paid off. What can I do? Whom do I appeal to? I can’t believe DMV is washing their hand clean of this

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