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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

John Rabun and his colleagues are scammers!!! He is a liar, and a fraud and he is preying on the desperation of homeowners who are in jeopardy of losing their home! And then if you aren’t careful, he will make you lose your home because he has no special relationships with the banks as he claims. First of all, no one with California Legal Support are real attorneys as they claim (both verbally and on their website). John Rabun may have a law degree (unsubstantaited)… but if he does, he clearly didn’t pass the CA Bar, as he is not a member of the CA bar! Go to the CA bar’s website and do a search on his name… it is not there, thus he’s not an attorney! He claims to do home loan modifications. It is ILLEGAL TO CHARGE SOMEONE UPFRONT MONEY TO MODIFY THEIR LOAN IN THE STATE OF CA!!! I was referred to him by a friend whose home he ultimately lost. He will never meet you in person! All of your interaction with him is done via phone, emails, texts. The first shady act! After paying him lofty fees up front (again… that is illegal), he will advise you to get behind on your mortgage payments, as well as other debts. He will advise you to not contact your lender. My lender finally contacted me about my now defaulted loan and when I said my representative had filed a modification on my behalf, they said they had no knowledge of John Rabun, nor had they been contacted by him. After he strings you along for a few months and once your credit is ruined, he will stop taking your phone calls and responding to your emails. Then he will send you a text or email saying that he can longer represent you… but he will refuse to reimburse you any fees that you’ve paid him. And now you’re really in jeopardy of losing your home. If this has been your experience, please take him to small claims court. The court will grant you damages of 3 times whatever your fees are! Also, do your own modification. I ultimately successfully did mine myself! I’ve also filed grievances against John Rabun with the CA Secretary of State, the Better Business Bureau, and the CA bar association. If you are referred to him or his company… RUN!!! Hopefully you won’t though, because I heard recently that he is in jail! I sure hope so because that is where that crook belongs!!!! .

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