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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wish there was an option to give NO stars. Like most people on CP, I was hurting. The "psychics" there can HEAR the hurt in your voice and know that it has something to do with a relationship. The question "Will he/she come back" is thrown SO often at them, they literally have no human feelings toward it. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars for the past two years and I’m so ashamed. I kept meticulous notes and even though ALL the predictions were off, I kept hoping that the false hope was real. To eleborate: I spent most of my time with Anasela. One of their most expensive psychics. She ALWAYS told me what I wanted to hear, so I kept going back. She acted like my best friend but I was really a snake’s stupid little mouse. She preyed upon me hard. If you read other reviews, CP instructs their "psychics" to keep their readers on the phone as long as possible. This info comes from psychics that have worked there before. With that kind of mindset, you can just imagine how Anasela would think of ways to keep me coming back. Sonja. Will probably tell the same false hope to all females. She’s wretched. Dave. Will also only tell you happy things. Jacqueline! Biggest quack out there! Seriously, if you simply must read with someone, avoid her at all costs. She was wrong about my relationship, my career, just everything. Again, will just tell you what you want to hear. Aliza, Winter, Leo, Abrielle, Michelle, Davina, Madeline, Dezi, Maeve, Demi, Winston, Justine, Dottie, Kinsey, Kim (please, God, no.), Theo, Beatrice, Madison, Melissa, Peyton (so bad), Daniel, Gillian (SO fake), Lucretia (phone sex worker), Berlin, Violet, Tessa, Summer (way wrong), Scarlet, Tabitha, Saskia, Julia, Brendalynn, Brooke, Regina, Reba, Simone, Edie, Seren, Mikaela, Zofeya, Eileen, Mimi, Bellina, Caroline, Anastasia, Anauel (everything is rainbows and bunnies to her), Callie, Esther, Kendall, Kerrigan, Ariette, Thomasina, Bridget, Renee, Teva, Kallista (also a phone sex worker), Agatha, Monique, Denisha, Blythe, Sula, Alexia, Tafton, Prinny (wants to psychoanalyze you), and Claudia. Trust me, I have read with them all. I have tested them on my relationships, my jobs, my friends…everything. And they’re all wrong. In the end, I waited a ton of money to only feel better for a few hours at a time. I have finally realized I need to take control of my own life and stop believing that someone might be more special than I am that they receive messages from the universe. No one’s that special. California Physics is a FAKE, FRAUD, and SCAM that has some pretty brilliant people working for them. They understand just how emotionally weak people function and the words you need to say to them to keep them coming back. They even structure the prices of their online "packages" against the decimal places in the psychics "rates" such that you’ll rarely have a "0" balance – so psychologically you always feel like you should have another reading if you throw in the smallest package (I’m a mathematician and engineer, so I saw right through this but still fed into the system). If you want to email me ((email address removed by admin)) and hear why each of the people I listed is a fake in detail, I’d be happy to tell you. Also, as a pro-sucker-tip: If you really want to read but find yourself dissatisfied, call and say "I found so and so dissatisfactory so I’d like a refund and to read with someone else." Then when they begin to set you with someone else just say "I’ll find someone on my own online." But really, please don’t be as stupid as me. I would love to see this place go out of business. It’s so immoral.

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