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Published: 12 October 2019

Posted by: chaney

i have been a tripleA customer since 1983.thus far i have insured 4 cars, my house and jewelry with them.i am a good driver and take pride in my honest dealings with people. i recently got hit by another aaa member while i was driving my partner’s car.the guy swerved into my lane, i felt and heard the impact, the driver of the car looked at me and just kept driving.i was so scared and felt i was lucky that the car had to slow down because of the light and cars in front of him.i caught up with him, asked him to stop.he eventually stopped and i got his the time, i was so shaken i did not see all of the damage.there was old damage to his car but other than a white streak on the front, he did not sustain any damage.i was very close to the AAA office, i turned around and tried to report the accident but they directed me to a phone. i am a nurse and my days off are precious and far between.i spent hours trying to file the claim wait for their call.the first customer rep.was so cold and does not have an accident every year even.i was very stressed out and still would expect some degree of compassion even over the phone.i finally met an adjustor who seemed like he was already convinced that the other party was not at fault.he said their customer said there was “no contact”and he would submit his report for a decision.he measured the dents and took pictures of the damage .i talked to another claims specialist and she asked me questions like “did you see him hit you?’what kind of question is that?was i imagining that i got hit and his car is acouple of inches from my passenger window?i can hear heart sounds and lung sounds, i know when a car hit me.did i just imagine the dents and my sore neck?i just took pain pills for my sore neck, i did not claim for medical care.all i wanted was for them to pay for the damage he caused. instead i feel victimized because i got hit while i was minding my own business and now my insurance company thinks their customer was not responsible.what ever happened to honesty and common decency?how could people do that and get away with partner’s insurance, FARMER’S called and told us they would pay, after our deductible.i wanted to claim with AAA because it was his fault. the thing that galls me is the fact that AAA just like that says their insured is not responsible.if this guy then hit a pedestrian and there are no witnesses, there is no damage to his car, is it ok then, it’s not his fault …he says me this decision by AAA implies that i am lying.i resent that.the guy hits me, tells his insurance there was no contact and he gets wonder there are people who hit and run.that is condoning bad behavior. needless to say i am spending a lot of time shopping for new insurance.i will not only take my business somewhere else but i am encouraging my friends and family to avoid are okay until you have to put in a claim.i expected better service after all these years that i have paid AAA thousands of dollars in insurance.

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