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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We bought our pig at 4 weeks old. When we went to visit her home she had already said Winston was weaned a week before we got there. Which means he was weaned at 3 weeks of age. One thing about pigs is you cannot sell them before 8 weeks of age and that 8 weeks is critical for the pig to be properly weaned from their mother and learn fundamental habits of their place in the world. We now have a pig that at 8 months is still trying to suck and look for milk; he is aggressive, bites all dogs that come close to him. He attacks guests when they come over. ALL of these problems are due to her pre-weaning this pig. She will lie to you and tell you that everyone is wrong. She gave us a bag of food to take home with our 4 week old pig, come to find out it was the grown ADULT food that she was feeding him. We had to go to the pets store and buy the baby pig food, then the 8 weeks and older food. She weans these pigs early because she needs the mom to breed again. She takes them away from their mother and leaves them in a box with another sibling and pays no attention to them until someone buys them. When you buy the pig, the pig will be so scared and will bite you. ALL of her pigs are like this, again, from being pre-weaned. ALL she cares about is money and not about the animals. She is a modern cruella Deville. She sells her alpacas fur. Everything she can squeeze out of these animals she will for money. I posted ONE comment on her wall about Winston bitting other dogs and us and she IMMEDIATLY blocked me, so i couldnt post anything else. She only keeps the good reviews up.

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