CaliGarden CBD Oil

CaliGarden CBD Oil

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Published: 13 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This came on my newsfeed about how Caligarden CBD oil won on Sharktank (Not true I found out later) and Sharktank is sponsoring them. They told a moving story about how their grandmother invented it and how you could get a free sample to try it out for just shipping and handling. | So I stupidly thought I should try it out. But they also slapped a “free” CBD cream that I did not order on the order. There was nothing about I would be signing up for monthly products of this or that they would put the full price in there of 89 bucks for the oil and 87 for the cream. I got the oil and the cream and the very next day Discover notified me via email that I was charged 89 for the oil. So called Caligarden and they actually took it off. | Then an hour later notified by Discover via email another charge on Discover for the cream. I called them again and talked to same person. She refused to take off the charge but I did get both off the monthly thing. I told her I never did order the cream. I asked for an address where I could send the cream back but she would not give me address. | I put it in dispute with Discover when the bill did show up. Today Discover found in favor of them! It is also too late to send back even if I could get an address. Discover showed me the reams of stuff I supposedly agreed to that I never saw when I was originally ordering. And Discover said I would have to have proof of their shenanigans. | It did not matter that I did not order the cream or they refused to give me an adress to send it back to. Also in the paperwork they sent to Discover that I never saw, was you had to send the merchandise back within 30 days. | This all happened January 5th. It was today that I was notified by Discover that they were going to award Caligarden with the 87 for the cream. That I never ordered nor could I send back to them. Caligarden is a big scam. Beware! Also I am very disappointed with Discover card and do not plan to use them anymore.

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