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Published: 30 March 2020

Posted by: Azrael2042

I honestly feel as though I’ve been robbed blind by a gaming company, and it makes me sick. I used to work for this game, and from someone who’s seen it’s corruption first-hand, I have to say that this has finally hit the lowest of the low. The company has created a fake account on their servers that consistently holds the #1 spot in rankings, it is not a player, instead it is a fake account meant to entice it’s players into spending more money so that they can “beat” the player – even though, since it’s a company created account, there is no player. Therefore, you could spend hundreds of dollars for the sole purpose of beating this “player, ” only for the next day to have that “player” pass you up again because the game is just handing the account items and prestige everyone else has to pay to receive. I’m not sure if this is illegal, but I’m positive it’s unethical. If anyone can get me in touch with some kind of gaming board, or anything so that I can make a more formal complaint I would really like this to be looked into more deeply – this company is stealing money from people. I can supply proof in the form of screenshots and player testimonies, the unhappiness and discord littering the forums of this place is easy enough to find, and from what I understand, they have already been sued by one company for stealing code. Now, it seems they’re stealing from their customers.

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