CallTools will have to surely live up to the expectations of their clients or else they are going to lose them.

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Published: 06 August 2019

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Call centers have become the most important part of businesses. Some owners outsource these services and some use call center software to do the job within the company. With the growing trend of call centers and customer service, firms have emerged with the idea of providing call center software to companies. This software is responsible for rapid growth of the business but as you have heard already, not everyone is loyal to you. Some people are just money making machines. They charge you a lot for the software and the service they provide. You pay them all what they ask and still you do not get the desired result. What would you do now? You would want to have your money back. What if they do not give your money back too?
CallTools is among the list of firms that came into the market to provide call center software and more such services to the businesses either small or big. A customer has reported their inefficiency in providing services. Their profile says 10 channels per agent but surprisingly they can hardly provide five channels per agents. The company that hired CallTools for the service faced loss and a lot of customers left at the same time. If CallTools had focused on its services, the company could have earned more profit and posted a positive review about them.
The company does not ask for manager seat costs but actually they do charge for the seat. Sometimes the customer is asked to pay and sometimes these are covered under the name of service compensation. Many customers have repeatedly reported about their hidden charges.
Companies get software like call tools to maximize their sales and profit. But lately, there have been reports from the customers that have not been able to live up to the customers’ expectations. Customers have reported that Call tools are not suitable for the large campaign and it can only accompany small campaigns. He urged that it is not ideal and you get an error while logging in or when you click on tool allowing you to be ready. Sometimes the software won’t detect that you are logged in. the customer says that you have to log out and then log in again to resolve this error but these are just small errors. The quality of call would still depend on the internet speed of the user.
Customers have reported that Calltools restrict you to minimum users. You cannot add new users or agents, and that’s where the problem arises. The customers have reported that have to contact customer service of Calltools several in order to get a hold of a representative and then they can add new users or agents. This wastes their time and money and the customers have always shown their concern regarding this.
Customers have shown their regards that Calltools is a little bit expensive and it doesn’t even support more agents and thus you have to buy another package from them or have to contact their customer service to solve the issue.
Companies like Calltools are money-making machines they won’t deliver your services but will still be going to charge a lot of money. Their software is slow and works better when on Wi-Fi.

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