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They will only lead to disappointment and nothing else.  

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Published: 20 August 2019

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People choose one of the best dental clinics in town to make sure they get the best services. People often go to dental clinics for regular checkups, cleaning, etc. To find the best dental clinic in town, you need to make sure that you have done enough research to find the best one in town but you need to make sure that there are a lot of cheaters outside so you have to choose wisely. People often choose cheaper dental clinics just to save their money, but now as they are being more health-conscious and prefer to go one of the best dental clinics in town regardless of what money they have to pay. But money is a priority and these dental clinics have actually been more keen towards making money rather than ensuring the health and care for their patients.
Cally L Adams, DDS, LLC is a dental clinic located in Kihei, Hawaii. They have said in their profile to be the best choice of people in New Jersey when it comes to oral hygiene but believe me, they have been very unprofessional in dealing with their customers. They have shown a bad attitude; their staff is also not friendly. For a good clinic especially a dental clinic it is recommended that you should have a clean and hygienic environment. Not only me, but other customers have also questioned about their environment in which they work. Many customers left them because they were not taking measures to deal with the customer’s queries.
When I went there, I experienced that the doctors at Cally L Adams, DDS, LLC are highly unprofessional. It seems like they have not practiced dentistry at all. I had gone there for getting my teeth cleaned up but the doctor who attended me gave me severe pain in the gums and the actual procedure was not at all done perfectly. I will need to get them treated by some other practitioner who is skilled and experienced.
One of the customers has reported that she was having a good experience until she was treated by a different dentist at Cally L Adams, DDS, LLCas the dentist was not gentle and caused severe tooth pain to the patient during cleaning. She was highly disappointed with the way she was treated at Cally L Adams, DDS, LLC. It shows that Aesthetic Smiles has no concern about the health of their patients so you should make sure that before consulting a dentist, you should always ask your friend and family, as they are the ones who care about you so there are fewer chances for failure.
These are just a few issues discussed here but the patients have posted a lot of negative reviews about Cally L Adams, DDS, LLC different websites. People should do proper research before they visit a dental clinic. Oral hygiene is really important and to maintain it, you need to have a checkup regularly. Avoid scammers like these.

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