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Published: 07 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased some Groupon vouchers for massages because I wanted to try out this business since it was so conveniently close to my home. I usually get massages elsewhere but this place was literally a few blocks away from my home so I considered giving it a try. When I called the business to book two massages, the woman who answered the phone was 1) very rude to me and 2) wouldn’t let me book after I mentioned that I have Groupons to try out her business. She explained that I can only use one Groupon at a time (which is fine with me.) So I agreed and attempted to book a massage. At this time, the woman on the phone told me that all appointments were "booked out" and that she’ll have to add me to a wait list! I usually get massages at the Ritz Carlton and previous at Loew’s Hotel in Center City… so I was not used to this type of inconvenience. Whatever the case, I thought I’d still do my best to work it out with the business so I agreed to be added to a "wait list" considering that this was a small and local business in the neighborhood… and I wanted to support small, local businesses. Anyway, it gets worse. I was added to the wait list but never received a follow-up. Months and weeks passed and eventually my Groupon expired. At this point, I was pretty annoyed that the business didn’t follow-up with me… so I called back and gave it one last try and attempted to book… even if I have to pay the difference in price just to secure a booking so I can find out if the business was worth keeping on my list. After all, it was only a few blocks’ walking distance from home. During my last call, I could not reach the business AT ALL! No one answered the phone… which was very odd but I didn’t think of anything at that point. I simply left a voicemail to let the business know I was interested in booking a massage. Two more weeks passed and still no phone call. During these two weeks, I called about two or three more times but each time no one answered so I left a voicemail. Eventually, I gave up…. my expired Groupon voucher was never redeemed… It is now a year later and I was curious to find out about the business so I tried to get in touch with them again via phone call or website form… and to my surprise, their website is down and inactive… I did a quick Google search and came across their Yelp reviews. Apparently, others had similar issues and the business is no longer open! I immediately contacted Groupon who tried to get in touch with the business but Groupon had no luck as well… Groupon apologized and issued me a credit to my account that I can use towards another business… but overall, this experience with Calm Massage Yoga and Reiki Studio was extraordinarily inconvenient and bizarre! It’s as if the owner knew she wouldn’t be able to accommodate/book but she followed through with a Groupon promotion anyway JUST before she started ‘wistlisting’ everyone and eventually closing her business….

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