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Published: 26 March 2020

Posted by: Lord D

A marketing representative named Crystal (1076) called my job and offered me a vacation of a lifetime. I couldn’t afford what she was asking and told her that and then she started decreasing the price and giving me incentives for me to purchase. Finally, the price came down to $298. This included 4 nights, 5 days @ Orlando, 2 nights, 3 days @ Daytona Beach, 2 nights, 3 days @ South Florida, a trip to Vegas, a Bahamas Cruise and 2 tickets to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. In Orlando, we would stay at Calypso Cay resort. She gave the website so I could see how the resort looked. I had to purchase this package for what she was giving me for that price. So I did. I received my paperwork in the mail on February 2009. She told me I had 18 months to do my travel or it would expire. I decided to do my Orlando vacation the second week of August of this year. (Aug. 9-13) I live in NC so the drive was over 10 hours. I have a 11 year old son and a 6 year old daughter who was very excited that we were going to Disney. As I arrived in Florida, I stopped at the Welcome Center located on my sheet. The building was completely vacant. My first impression was that we were scammed. I immediately called the number on the sheet and they informed me that they moved. We arrive at the Welcome Center at Silver Lake Resort to check in and the staff was excellent. I noticed on my paperwork that we were staying at Comfort Suites. I immediately asked her what the hell was this. The manager stated that the reservationist made the arrangements for us to stay there. I told her that this was incorrect. We paid to stay at Calypso Cay resort and that’s what I was told. She called Teresa at Reservation Center to inform her of what’s going on. Teresa is the rep. that always had an attitude everytime I called before. She immediately said you only paid $298 and that doesn’t cover to stay at a resort. I said excuse me. First of all the price the rep was asking was too high so she is the one who came down on the price. I didn’t drive 10 hours to stay in a raggedy a** hotel room. I could have stayed at home or took my business elsewhere. I have a family and to be crowded up in a hotel for a whole week is absolutely ridiculous. No privacy, 1 television, and no room. I was very mad then. She said well I’ll have to pull the tape to see what the rep. told you on the phone and I’ll call you back. Teresa never called me back. I waited in the lobby for 30 minutes and she never called me back. I called her and then she states that she heard the tape and that was never said. I told her that I must have “BOOBOO The Fool” written on my forehead. How are you going to listen to a tape without the party being present to witness what was said. She stated that we are not going to change the accomodations. I was so mad until I cried in the lobby. The manager at Silver Lakes did everything she could to accomodate me and my family to make it better. She was even disgusted on how Teresa was acting. She called to Teresa about my tickets that they promised. I was promised Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure and they tried to give me 2 tickets for Arabian nights. I immediately called them back to discuss this matter. Teresa said we can change the tickets for you but it will only be for Universal and not Islands. We waited and waited for the fax for the confirmation of the changed tickets and she never faxed the confirmation. I called back and they wouldn’t answer the phone. The manager called and then a rep. said Teresa emailed the confirmation to the manager. She checked her email and never received it. She calls again and they wouldn’t answer the phone. Finally, she called from her cell phone so it would show up as a different number and they answered. She informed them that I have been waiting now for atleast 2 hours for this change and we never received anything. Finally, after waiting 2 hours and 30 mins the fax came. All I want to say is that it’s a shame that companies are aloud to scam people out of there money. They promise you all kinds of incentives and then never follow through. My first day in Florida was a MONSTER! Dealing with this company ruined my vacation with my family. I should be reimbursed for the headache and trouble that was caused. Staying in a raggedy hotel that was jammed and found a lizard in the room when we arrived. They had to switch rooms for us. My kids were very disappointed also. This company should be punished. People are not able to come to Florida every year. This trip was suppose to fun and special but it wasn’t. It was a total DISASTER!

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