Cambria Apartments - Gilbert Arizona

Cambria Apartments - Gilbert Arizona

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Published: 27 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a 72 year old permanently disabled veteran, with acute heart, breeathing, and increasing blood flow blockage through my carotid main arteries. My wife is also disabled from being hit by a police car at high speed, chasing a bank robber. Which almost killed her. We moved to Gilbert Arizona in January 2016, for health reasons. However, ourhealth has drastically decreased due to life hazards at Cmabria. We were first rented an aprtment that was totally contaminated with “Black Mold” that they had painted over. We got very sick after awhile and discovered the mold. Cambria tried to cover iit up, but we went to government agancies that forced them to move us into another unit. They did. But we were moved to a unit right over three garages, that opened and closes all hours of the day and night. Our peace, rest and sleep was toytally disrupted. In addition to gas fumes in our apartment from the cars motoers running beneath our bedroom and living room windows. We requested to move again, at our expense. We like the newapartment but were concerned about the landscape around the apartment. WE were told, they were replacing all opf the grass, shrubs, etc., and the area would be beautiful. WE trusted them and moved in. The landscape was never touched. I began to record the months to follow with notes and photgraphs. I continued to remind them of the ghetto brewing in our area. Nothing was done bu them! We move into this apartment in January 2017. By February, the entire outside area wasunder 3″ to 5″ of water because the sprinklers were broken and they neglected and refuse to repair them. Oh, the made promises after promises, but, their promises were lie after lie. By May we had a lake, then came June and July, the water dired up from tne 110 to 122 degree hot summer sun. It first turned into a moldy, mossy area that smelled like hell, and became a breeding and feeding ground for flies and mosquitos. We turned up the heat because we were inindated with the flies and mosquito’s being bit to an extreme, every time we walked out our doors. The State of Arizona was broadcasting sever dangers of Nile Virus and other serious possible fatal diseases being carried by the mosquitos. We requested pest control, which we pay in our rent for nearly 5 months being bitten and having our apartments envaded by flies and mosquitos. Again, just like the water floods, promies after promises, lie after lie. From about May 2017, through the present September 23, 2017, while promsed pes control, it has yet to be provided. By July 2017, the entire lawn area, the shrubs, and all plants had died. The ground area, became a hard cracked desert swamp bed. More request to fix the issue, mor promises, more lies. We residents even had to clean up the dead bushes etc. and take them to the trash, becaue Cambia, just left them to rot. Cambria also tore out an area of grass that spanned about 5 city blocks between the apartment buildings, surronded by sidewalks that are the main foot traffic are for residents. They replaced the grass with a 5 city block ditch, approximately 20′ to 30′ across between the sidewalks, and 4′ to 6′ feet deep, filled with large jagged boulders. Residents have complained, as this is a death trap for children, elderly, disabled, prgnant and all tennants. It is enevitable that a child or adult will slip on a sidewalkd and fallinto this pit! Atb the least they will sustain serious injuries, and likely their fall will be fatal. I completed a survey that Cambria has sent to residents and told them the story here. I was called by the Fairfield – Cambria Regional Manager on September 14, 2017, I stood my ground with the facts and truth. The next day September 15, 2017, I was given notice that my lease was not being renewd on January 1, 2018. I was being kicked out. I contacted government agencies and wastold the act by Cambria was againts the law, that it was cited in the Arizona Landlord Tennant Act. Which I have provided to Cambria local and Regional Management. Joseph and Christine – “We are doing what we can to warn people about this “Unsafe, Uninhabitable, Unfit and Dangerous Apartment Complex. And the real danger the the management is made aware of the adverse issues, and spread a blanket of deception over the adverse and danger, telling one lie after another. Copied to Government Autorities that Need to Know

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