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Published: 31 December 2019

Posted by: jerrteague54

FIRST OFF TRIED CONTACTING OWNERS, WEBSITE IS BOGUS AND SITE CONTACT INFO ALSO BOGUS. I HAD TO FILE THIS WITH PRESIDING JUDGE HEALTH DEPT MARION COUNTY COURTS CIVIL DIVISION VS JOSEPH MORGAN Dear, honorable Judge Patrick Marty I come to you today to bring some news, as well as to let you know the landlord of the named person, has violated this persons Privacy laws and acts. Under privacy act this case was to be a closed case to only mediate persons of interest. Lisa Rudolph exposed Joe to great danger at the Cambridge commons apartments. She was caught in front of office yelling that she was evicting Joe due to his HIV and aids matter and multiple residents heard this as well as potential ones. She also told staff and most if not all residents at the complex. A side issue was he had rights to contact the fire marshal when complex ignored his request to have wiring and fire hazards fixed as well as replace a smoke detector. This case even seen outside people as well as the complexes attorney who should have never been told about this case. Joe will come to a harassing situation. I need to get an injunction on his eviction as well as file charges against Mrs. Rudolph for violation civil rights, privacy act rights, disability act laws all in the same week. The issue today is, she violated state and federal laws by exposing a closed case after warrant was served to office. She also violated another innocents rights, being me, I’m on dialysis and was in the hospt., when Joseph missed court. It honestly was my fault he missed and was up 48hrs and finally snoozed at hospt and missed last court date. The health dept brought this case to light as he missed a couple of meetings due to taking me to dialysis those weeks. I need you to handle, you being the Judge, this violation of Jo’s and the Health Dept rights for this case to remain private. So essentially it was my fault he missed these appearances. I offer the court my deepest apologies that this was made more then it should have been. I do need to try and retrieve Joe from detention as he is a caregiver for me and he helps with me and my dialysis’s. I need the landlord to be held off and prosecuting Lisa Rudolph for multiple laws broken due to this case held in closed circuit court. She is now unlawfully exposing great danger and sent lies to the complex attorney as she fears her life to get joe and roommate removed. She mistaken me and friend going to At t as stalking. It was simply me being to early to the store, and he happened to be on way in to work. She accused my friend of stalking just to make matters sound worse then they are. I have filed charges with police dept on behalf of Mr. Morgan, violation of court orders to keep this case to mediate persons. I am attaching witness statements of tenants and future tenants lost due to her yelling about this case in front of office, which now has resulted in harassmenwith northwest pd… I’m not sure if they will file but with this you can force them to arrest her for t, threats even from her herself as it was sent to her attorney for complex which is now being considered for eviction, and others in a future court will hear this case and maybe subject him to more privacy issues. My attorney is Mr. Christopher Wyant. Please do not give his name to the complex. Lastly I need Joseph to be released as I need his help and now if you don’t file injunction for unlawful eviction he has to help pack things as I dont have full movement on my right leg. Thanks for your time and patience, but we need you as this is against the clock now. She should be arrested and charged for multiple things. My info is Jeremy Tague [protected]// [protected] add y is 4656 Oakhurst Way, Indpls, IN 46254

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