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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my car to this station because I had a noise coming from my right front brake. They looked at my brake and said that it was worn, needed new brakes. I had them install front brakes. I paid got in my car to leave and had a noise now on the left side, brake pedal was very spongy and went all the way to the floor. They took it back in and while I was waiting I walked outside to see what they were doing and saw him with a grinder in his hand I yelled wait a minute you do not need a grinder to do brakes. He then showed me the caliper and the piston on it was damaged . I asked how that happened and he said the other guy used a screw driver and he had to grind it smooth..I told him that needs to be replaced not to be grind down he informed me only his manager could do that..So we got the manager there and he said it would be fine. They put the wheel back on the manager got in and there was still noise..again they took wheel off and the manager said that he had put the shoes on the wrong way. After fixing that the manager and I took it out to test, he was driving, I told him I still here that noise just not as loud, he claimed to here nothing. Then we switched i drove, my brakes were still making noise, spongy and to the floor. He took it back and then decided that I needed hoses for the calipers but he didn’t have them and couldn’t do it til Tuesday, this was on Saturday. I informed him I was scared to drive it my brakes were fine they just had a noise but the pedal did not go to the floor before they had put new pads on. He could still do nothing til Tuesday. I called my husband to come follow me in case something happened while driving home. I kept thinking how scary it was to drive it so Sunday I got the hoses, called him and he said he didn’t have anyone to do it and no service is open on Sundays. I then went to Truck Accessory Center that was open Sunday and told then what Shell had done and could they put the hoses on. They took my car in and showed me that the screwdriver and grinding they did on my car had broken both pistons and I needed two new calipers. My hoses were fine. I showed them the receipt from Shell and written right on it was ” calipers were checked and are fine” So after paying them 272.00 to fix the damage Shell had done I was now able to safely drive my car. I called the manager (Randy Krainiak) whom is the owner of Shell and told him what I had to do to fix the damage his company had done to my car and I would like for him to reimburse me for this bill. He replied that he wants verification of ASE certified mechanic had worked on my car, wanted the calipers so he could have them checked. I took pictures because I would have to pay core charge on calipers and he has already cost me enough money.. so needless to say he didn’t want to pay anything. So after stirring about what to do I called the Shell Corp. Headquarters and told them the problem and they informed me that this Shell station was not owned by them and gave me the name Quality Oil Company as being the owner. Now I called them explained all that had happened she had me fax her the bills and pictures and claimed they would take care of this. A week later still not hearing back from them I called again and she told me that they are not able to help since they only rent the property and sell him gas…so I asked for a higher up in the company to call me…he told me the same thing and my only recourse was to sue in small claims..There it is again I have to keep on spending money for what someone else did to me.. I called and am disputing the credit card bill for Shell and not even 2 hours later Shell owner calls and claims he spoke with the mechanic that fixed my car and he went thru all this bull about fixing brakes, telling me things I had told him about my problems with my car at that time I got really mad the man was flat out lying to me but you could not tell him anything…I asked if him or either one of his guys were ASE certified and the answer was no. He claimed my calipers were cracked and he couldn’t say how that happened…if the cracks are exactly at the point where his employee used the screwdriver and grinder on both calipers how else do you think they got cracked?? He offered to pay for one caliper and give me 30.00 for the labor. I feel he needed to pay the whole bill.. Well after debating and not wanting to spend anymore money I thought about it and I took 100 for the 272 bill and will not allow the credit card to give him his 78 dollar bill.. I signed a paper he made up stating this is the settlement for all he had done to be..I am still at a loss but at least I got a partial part of my money back and finally did not have to spend any more.. So after my long story here I think the public should know how Camden Shell conducts business and if you don’t want to be ripped off then I would stay away from there..because from this situation I learned apparently Shell has to answer to no one. I surely will never spend one penny at that place.. I hope this helps anyone not get taken advantage of like I was.

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