Camelot Property Management

Camelot Property Management

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Published: 31 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is the worst Property Management Company I have ever come in contact with. I will start from the beginning. | We rented this fine home for $1850.00 per month, and put up a security deposit in the same amount. Not cheap by any means. We moved in and the place was still filthy, had a leak in the garage, and had a non functioning sink and garbage disposal. A management representative showed up. An unprofessional looking and acting woman, who said she was from N.J, stated that the manager of this properrty had “abruptly left” and it fell through the cracks. (It’s no wonder). | This woman apologized, but did not offer any other solutions, except that she would put in a “work order”. I went around and showed her several problems in the home. Her nonchalant reply was ” Well what do you want, this is a rental”. For this price I expected a nice, functioning, clean home. I also was appalled by her lack of concern for the home owner, in failing to properlt maintain their home. (The leak in the garage) | We had to get the carpets cleaned on our own, touch up paint, and clean everything in the home, including the A.C. filter and door. The vertical blinds were stapled together so they wouldn’t fall off. They NEVER fixed the leak, after we reported it numerous times, until it finally got so bad, the ceiling in the garage was coming down in that area. they sent someone over to “look” at it, but never fixed it during the entire time we lived there. ( 17 months we lived there). | The final parting gifts are as follows. SABRINA LEVINE, some type of manager there, screwed over my room mate when she was applying to move out to another place. We had completed our year lease, and were on a month to month basis. The rent this month was late by one week. This poor excuse as a person and manager, told the rental company that ” They are not going to pay the last month’s rent and move out, and they are late”. This was not true, other than the rent being a week late, in order to come up with the new security dep. and rent. This rent was indeed paid after the first week. She is a real whack nut, nasty, with no social skills whatsoever. | The other company denied the application after this vengeful, false report SABRINA LEVINE gave. Needless to say, after they prevented a move to a new place, she sent a notice that we had thirty days to move out, per the month to month status. So, SABRINA LEVINE kept us there, but yet wanted us out? Can yu say OXYMORON. Nasty woman. | In closing, another suitable place was found, the home was left cleaner than when we got it. We then get a letter that they are clipping our security deposit for like $800.00, for carpet cleaning (Remember we had to clean their dirty carpet at move in}, $360.00 for supposedly unclogging a toilet (really?) and putting the trash out to the curb. Well, you are not allowed to put trash out more than 18 hrs before collection. Trash pick up was days away…can you say FRAUDULENT CHARGES! | I suspect this company is failing, and this is the way that they make their money. They certainly are not looking out for the best interests of their tenants, or property owners. JUAN DIAZ was no help either, and was very rude. They are just like ” This is what you are being charged, and that’s it”. | RENTERS AND PROPERTY OWNERS……STAY AWAY FROM THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY. | RIP OFF SCAM ARTISTS.

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